So you get the chance to get a slogan printed.....

So you get an E-mail from Threadless to say that they love all your slogans, that they want to print one but don't care which. The choice is yours. Which one would you pick?

This would be mine: Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic. Burn The Witch.

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jess4002 profile pic Alumni

It's Never Too Late If You Have A Time Machine.


Nice choice jess.

Tracer is that a choice or name calling?


By a strange coincidence my favourite slogan of tracers and Rob is by the Festa as well.


I wish I could break up boring conversations with guitar solos.

supertrooper74 profile pic Alumni

One day, I will have an editor. Mark my words.


Sorry Phillip - no can do if you have another print it has to be this one:

You know what really gets my goat? Wolves.

I have the power of veto.

supertrooper74 profile pic Alumni

Yeah...I wouldn't mind that one getting printed was a toss-up. I like both of them more than the one that was actually printed.

PuppetMeat profile pic Alumni

I probably have better slogans, but I've always enjoyed this one.

I'm Constantly Procrastinating. I'll Explain Later.


Haha - I would buy that Josh, although isn't there already a print about procrastinating or am I getting it mixed up with the vague one ?

nintechnoxxx profile pic Alumni

Save your strength, there's a boss battle ahead.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

The other vowels agree U and I make a very cute couple

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

I changed my mind I'd have to go with:
running the last 10 meters in slow motion cost me the gold
It's the only one of my own slogans I still get a laugh out of.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

If chicago had gotten the olympics.
It could had gotten printed for sure.
kidding aside . It is really good. Already vote for it


Hmm, maybe something like...

I wish math class had taught me how to conquer as well as divide.


Thankyou Gemma - that's very kind indeed. Happy New Year!


Lol - Like that too Reed. Unfortunately I've already voted for it :)

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

It'd probably be this one"

"My shirt is awesome yeahhhh!"

lol, but for real, probably this one:

Conformity: It's back by popular demand

I'm sure this will probably change throughout the year though.

Retroludo profile pic Alumni

According to Science, I matter.

Fight the Power. Unplug Stuff.

Note to self: Fabric softener does not work on tough luck.

My dream job is one where I don't actually have to wake up.

I stood up for myself...and that's how I lost at Musical Chairs.

evan3 profile pic Alumni

When Pencils Fight, It Usually Results In A Draw


Some interesting choices. Dasbox - you're welcome and thanks for taking the time to look at my slogans. evan - up to date with yours but wow those are some great scores you've got there now. Jackanapes - Lol - if that prints I will buy it to wear exclusively at childrens parties.

mavericktiger profile pic Alumni

To be safe, I wouldn't MOON a werewolf.

mavericktiger profile pic Alumni

Or maybe

Apparently dry cleaners won't clean birthday suits.


mitchell - You've got some great slogans - some of them really made me chortle. LOVE dry cleaners and this one especially:

I bet T-Rex tasted like chicken.


Thank you Laura - Your comments and help are always welcome.

mavericktiger profile pic Alumni

Thanks Spam! I'm glad I made you chortle.

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