I took again some photos in New York

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wilhelm, it's been too long! it was great meeting you that weekend. i can still remember the fall quite clearly in my head. come back soon!

i really like the first photo here. also, you're crazy for bringing your camera out in that rain! haha. it was too strong.


it has! i think i'm gonna have a couple year break from NYC. i want to see other parts of the world too!

the first set of pictures are all taken from the cab on the way from JFK to Manhattan. Only once was my camera in threath of drowning, but a plastic bag solved that problem.

Mya Jamila

Unlike Randy I'm in like with the second and eighth photos.

And... you're in need of a pro account! One photo away...

Mya Jamila


The "second" photo is part of the first.

Mya fail.


spice up my day please! anyone dare to comment? im all ears!


she is! isnt she!

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