***Threadless look-alikes***

in troublesome times like these when STP scandals give way to dismissal, when blogs and companys turn to war over freedom of speach, when food with faces subs get printed... just remember there is a blog you can go where everyone knows your name....

and if you love me:P

and if your not on here and probably should be, and yes that's you croox it's cause i have continued to fail finding you an adequate lookalike, and if you wern't so mysterious on myspace i may be able to get more photos:P


their are to many of you to name...



The incomplete database

If you leave a comment and i can find a decent quality pic of you chances are ill make you famous, so keep an eye out for UPDATES

remember if you don't have a big pic up,,, get one to me

Michael Jackson... Imagine me and you, I do
I think about you day and night, it's only right
To think about the little boy you love and hold him tight
So happy together... a poem written by slim back when he and mikey were young unseperable chums (twins perhaps?)... seemingly innocent didn't ya think!

Princess leia... There is more to this tale than meets a wookie's eye... just like leia... young gorgeous Rachel, bra on her head like those sultry buns of leia is forever destined to be fawned upon by people who spend way to much time in front of the computer!

Andy... is he the brightest star of Little Britain or is he really Mad NO Balding Dingo??? Has he lead us all on a merry rouge... Is he really the PC whiz he would have us believe, did he really loose the feeling in his legs or is he simply looking for sympathy... He has eluded to a future misses Dingo several times or is that really his screen partner Lou - we know the truth!

Agent 99 - Mum's the word... well at least that's how old Barbara Feldon would be compared with our dearest Amelia 84... unless she is posting old photos of her youth in a bid to fool us... consider the numbers 84 as a direct clue to unlocking the scandal... a) it is her two number code name and b) the age she probably really is now!

The Golgothan... we've all been on the receiving end of one of killers little practical jokes and felt like strangling the little bugger... he is a shit demon in the truest sense of the word... and hi beauty runs as deep as his stench!

Hugh Jackman... has a secret life as a threadless blogger... All dirty and masculine on the outside... heart of gold on the inside...It's not just Hugh's softer side on the stage as the boy from oz that gives Riccardo away... Hugh's name is actually pronounced Riccardo in Italian... and when they both get really mad they sprout pointy silver cutlery form their knuckles!

Mr Miyagi... and littlem are bound not by physical appearance but by their motherly instincts to nurture the world... wax on wax off, paint the fence, make love to me NOW!!! any inquires of interest - please contact i carnt spel love doctor at large...

Brad Pitt... FUCKING A...

Ron Jeremy... I've heard rumours about an east atlantic north pacifc Levi's python rumoured to have a twelve foot long aligator in it's belly... and to qoute the great DADDY... "hahaha, fucking Ron Jeremy? We really look alike in our pants...where the party is...where everyone is coming."

Neil Finn... For you uncultured swine here is New Zealand/Australian (we steal everyone of note from the land of the long white sheep!) legendary musician... From Split Enz to crowded house the man always takes the weather with him.

the incredible HULK... Normally a passive well mannered green frog Travis has been known to BURST into wild fits of uncontrollable design! Some say he has epilepsy... i say he is the HULK!

Rider Strong... Don't know shit about this guy except that he has a damb bad ass name and is the spitting image of our TRACE!

"Troll Doll"... Despite her aggressive nature one must always take great joy at preening her beautiful long green locks, cuddling her precious plastic form, and enjoy her incessant stare... HELP!

Dr. Hannibal Lecter... We all know that Steve watches our every design with malicious intent... awaiting fault to contort our vulnerable minds into a treacherous sea of doubt... calling us in like lambs to the slaughter... haunting our dreams with the silent hissing of Clariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice....

Renton... Jpiatt was presented with a choice... he chose life

Nadia... wanted to be a star... enter the internet

Kim Clijsters


Metal Gonzo

Mother Teresa

Vanilla Ice

Vote Pedro

Catherine Zeta Jones

David Attenborough

Tom Green


Robert De Niro




Winona Ryder


chick from the labyrinth... most commonly refered to Jennifer Connolly

Kevin Smith... aka Silent BoB!


Gemma ward


Olsen twins

LEGENDARY OLDER GUY... On second thought this seedy old bugger has been having you all on, Brad Pitt... Don't make me sick... I am in fact simply on threadless to do a bit of market research for the stones next album cover... don't believe me and sod off... unless you wanna SHAG!

Hugh Grant... just cause he got he got caught in the back of a car with a lovely young working girl don't think the man lacks an ounce of charm... as heard on the ultimate call in pod cast... the man even sounds like him...

unmasked and user select coming soon...

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aled profile pic Alumni

Nor do I take putting knives in people's backs lightly!

I've been told I look like Paul Potts. If you could come up with someone better, I would be really grateful.

aled profile pic Alumni

Even Pol Pot would be better.



Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Alumni

paul potts would be perfect, any chance of a musical number to accompany the pics?

spacesick 2

god I miss nate

I wanna kiss him on the cheek :(

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