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Target Practice

Target Practice

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Target Practice


nice illo! id be afraid to walk around police training wearing this!


yeah i wouldn't want to wear a shirt with this on it .....


Woot JUST RAN a parody of the standard target man you pretty much just slapped on a tee here. So even if this was a parody instead of just someone else's drawing slapped on a shirt, it was just parodied before in an effort that many didn't even agree was parody enough to be acceptable as the designer's own work.


AdderXYU is probably right on this one. Way too similar. (First time I've ever said that about 2 designs) Even if it was unnintentional, Threadless would be dumb to print this now because it looks like a rip-off.


its actually the standard target police departments use, i wouldnt bother trying to copy a trend, the design community is too knit for that to happen, i actually created this months ago for concepts in cambridge it didnt go to print so i just put it up here, oh well


cool :D


whooppss double post


I'm pretty sure of a few things:

1) I didn't "make" the other shirt. I thought the other shirt sucked

2) Yes, we get that you took the design from a target practice target. But the target art is not yours to use, now is it? And even if it was copyright free, you're still slapping someone else's work on a tee and claiming it as yours.

3) You would be ripping off the design of whoever made the target to start with. Arguably the person who already made the "parody" shirt ripped off that design too. But it still is true that the design was just recently used on a shirt, meaning that it's not only a rip-off of the target itself, but it's also very similar to a shirt already having been printed, whether you came up with the idea to slap someone else's art onto a shirt yourself or not.


just hand draw it and throw a skull on the face. done deal.


I never claimed it as mine did I? i submitted it since i've never seen is as a shirt, whoooooppdy doooo


coolios! love that retro stylin!

lawrence loh

as long as u could come out a better version, u still could win it in threadless,thats the deal!


this made me think of a baseball umpire shooting someone running to home plate haha


I never claimed it as mine did I? i submitted it since i've never seen is as a shirt, whoooooppdy doooo

Threadless isn't about gettingthings you'd like on a shirt that you didn't make if you submit's about original ideas/art that you drew or had a hand in.


you're a tool

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