9/6 - Shira Lazar's Top 9 awesome people she follows on Twitter!

Shira Lazar's Top 9 awesome people she follows on Twitter!

9. Tony Robbins @tonyrobbins
This motivational guru continues to motivate online. I’m always inspired by his awesome twitter quotes including: “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill
8. Amanda Rose @amanda
Super awesome fellow Canadian and founder of Twestival, a Twitter-Festival organized by volunteers around the world, which bring people offline for a great cause. Last year, the first global Twestival raised 250,000 dollars for Charity:Water.
7. Scott Harrison @scottharrison
Founder of Charity:Water. He and his non-profit are committed to bringing the 1.1. billion people on this planet clean drinking water. He is awesome to the extreme!
6. Arianna Huffington @ariannahuff
Powerhouse online female leader, founder of The Huffington Post, which has revolutionized news online. An awesome mentor!
5. Duke Stump @skrata
Former CMO of Seventh Generation. Currently runs the Northstar Manifesto and blogs about ideas, individuals and brands pioneering the emerging future. That’s awesome!
4. Tim Ferriss @TFerriss
He’s a friend, New York Times bestselling author, kickboxing/breakdancing/ballroom dancing champion and has a super cool new book coming out, “Become a Superhuman”.
3. Summer Rayne Oakes @sroakes
Model/Environmental Activist. She’s hot, super smart and is working to save the earth- need I say more?
2. Richard Branson @Richardbranson
Virgin founder extraordinaire. Intergalactic travel will soon be possible because of him. Um… awesome!
1. 1000 Awesome Things @1000awesomethings
Get your daily feed of all things awesome. The title of the blog speaks for itself…

Shira Lazar is a journalist, TV host, TwitterLover, and of course, a self-proclaimed geek!

No one guessed it! Random winner: felizllama !

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1. LeVar Burton

Krimson profile pic Alumni
  1. Lance Armstrong
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i wanted to pick real people, but it was way too hard to choose between everyone! so, i decided to choose awesome celebrities/popular peeps who i follow on twitter.

9. @cnnbrk
8. @taylorswift13
7. @TheOnion
6. @RyanSeacrest
5. @TheEllenShow
4. @allnurses
3. @TIME
2. @ijustine
1. @threadless

Shira Lazar's #1 favorite: Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee!

B 7
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i don't go on twitter much. i think im following evan and threadless.

i dunno, Bono?


1.) Oprah

B 7
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paulie shore?
clint eastwood?
levi roots?

  1. Miley Cyrus @mileycryus -- What crazy thing will she do next? Throw out more of her tank tops?

    My Top 9:

  2. Joseph Kimojino @maratriangle -- Interesting tweets from a wildlife and Maasai tribe protectionist living in a National Park in Kenya.
  3. Britney Spears @britneyspears -- Hey, she's on the rebound maybe?
  4. Appropedia.org @appropedia -- Green living, green tech, appropriate technology, solutions to poverty, sustainable development.
  5. Jimmy Fallon @jimmyfallon -- Geeky and a talkshow host. What more is there?
  6. Levar Burton @levarburton -- Reading Rainbow, Star Trek. What is there not to love?
  7. Threadless @Threadless -- Got to keep up-to-date for sure.
  8. John Cleese @johncleese -- Who doesn't love his humor?
  9. Lance Armstrong @lancearmstrong -- Inspiration delivered.
  10. New York Times @nytimes -- News, news, news.

um, Al Gore?


I think Shira's #1 is @threadless. ^_^

As for me:
9. Yahoo! Movies @yahoomovies - MOVIES!
8. Jim Gaffigan @jimgaffigan - COMEDY!
7. Dan Grzeca @jetsah - ART!
6. NBC News @nbcnews - NEWS!
5. TIME @time - NEWS!
4. New York Times @nytimes - NEWS!
3.The Decemberists @thedecemberists - MUSIC!
2. Threadless @threadless - AWESOMENESS!
1. Andrew Bird @andrewbird - MUSIC!




I think Shira's #1 is @calvinharris.


Is it @trentcaraig? just kidding. My guess would be: @SarahKSilverman


Shira's #1: Weird Al

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1 = @FeliciaDay!


My #1 is @Threadless, for reals.


1 Nathan Fillion!!! :D


My guess Barbara Walters as Shira's number 1 :)


my guess #1 Obama

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