Parachuting Raptors!

Bombs away!

I've been fiddling with this design for forever and can't settle, what do we think?

Watch this

Bombs away!

I've been fiddling with this design for forever and can't settle, what do we think?


I love the image but I'm not wild about the placement


thanks guys, i'll have a play with the placement
and a think about machine guns!


Do we like the design and colours?
I wasn't sure if they were working or not


Thanks laxbro, rad ideas i'm about to upload a version with your suggestions!


trying it out on blue with some clouds as per suggestion,
i like it, i think it gives it more context
what do we think, do the colours still work on the blue?


Oh and wondering if the clouds should be yellow?
I'm quite liking the design at the moment, hope other people do too!


I think it works on blue. Yellow clouds are a bit weird but will work if you are trying to only use 3 colors. Great work so far!

stothemofob profile pic Alumni

It's funny. I'd hate a world where this was real though


Thanks for the comments, I actually drew a helmet, it was one of those funky WWI ones with a spike on the top. Wasn't sure about it but I'll throw it into the next version for you to look at.

Oh, and if this were real the world would largely be over methinks!


Ye, add a helmet, would really make it awesome ^^
And maybe a few more in the distance? Like if they were invading or being dropped by a plane?

Awesome work!


Add a little orange highlight in the clouds. If you add a helmet, it could make or break the art. So make sure it fits the personality. If it were my choice, I would go with an original G.I. round helmet with chin straps dangling.


I like the line work, not so sure about the orange and yellow but the design is pretty solid.

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Like the design, it's illustrated well. I think that you should add white for the clouds, but if you do then I think they should be enlarged a little, I think it will actually pop the raptor out a bit in the design. Maybe also add a few more raptor small in the background, just some ideas--as is, it looks pretty cool.


Nice concept. The addition of the clouds gives the image a little more order. My eyes are moving around the image a little more freely now instead of just up and down. I personally liked the original tee color more than the light blue, but have you experimented with other blue tees?


Yes! Do a whole platoon of parachuting raptors!

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You add some other raptors in distance, for the presentation it uses a template of realistic t-shirt ... cool idea!!!

heretik studios

This brings a smile to my face. LOL. Lovin' the concept. It'd be even cooler with like two more raptors in the background. Raptors are awesome creatures.

The only thing I'd recommend is reconsidering the color scheme. Particularly the clouds. I'd maybe do orange for those, so they're a little more subtle, and move that small one from behind the raptor's tail so it doesn't blend into it. good luck!

Please take a moment to comment on my sub. Thanks!

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adorable idea :) I'm guessing you don't want to mess with this majorly any more, but I'd actually put him in a different pose, his back curved and his claws extended, like he's preparing to pounce on something on the ground as soon as he lands. This way he looks scared that he's being dropped out of an airplane, I'd want him to look like he parachutes every day before breakfast :)

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