9/2 - Bobby Long's Top 9 movies he wishes he could have written songs for!

Bobby Long's Top 9 movies he wishes he could have written songs for!

9. The Big Lebowski or the Hudsucker Proxy
I don't know. I just love those movies, and the Coen Brothers.
8. Goodfellas, or any other gangster film
This would be quite tricky, really, but Goodfellas is my favorite movie. It's my go to sleep movie. The subject matter would be hard to work my songs to, though. Unless someone died.
6 and 7. Royal Tenenbaums and The Life Aquatic
I really like that guy (Seu Jorge) who plays the Brazilian covers of Bowie. These are really eccentric films, and that's great. My lyrics aren't that simple, and I use metaphors that aren't really metaphors. I'd love to write a song about a character - maybe Ben Stiller's businessman type in Tenenbaums. I do that quite often - write for an elaborate character I've made up in my head.
5. Any Old Western
Nothing specific, but these are my favorite films. I love John Wayne. These films always have a lot of beautiful country music.
4. I'm Not There
I'd love to do a Dylan cover.
3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
I really like that Beck song at the end. I think what I do - acoustic music - would fit pretty well.
2. Wristcutters: A Love Story
Tom Waits actually did the music for this movie, and I like him a lot. The music and the movie are quite dark and interesting, and I write a bit about death, and playing around with it.
1. O Brother Where Art Thou
I love the Carter Family and old gospel music. This movie just fits my style.

Bobby Long co-wrote the song "Never Think" (sung by Robert Pattison!) from the Twilight soundtrack, hence the list above! He's currently on tour so check out his myspace for dates and hear a song...

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The winner is: maryannmimi !

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