9/2 - Bobby Long's Top 9 movies he wishes he could have written songs for!

Bobby Long's Top 9 movies he wishes he could have written songs for!

9. The Big Lebowski or the Hudsucker Proxy
I don't know. I just love those movies, and the Coen Brothers.
8. Goodfellas, or any other gangster film
This would be quite tricky, really, but Goodfellas is my favorite movie. It's my go to sleep movie. The subject matter would be hard to work my songs to, though. Unless someone died.
6 and 7. Royal Tenenbaums and The Life Aquatic
I really like that guy (Seu Jorge) who plays the Brazilian covers of Bowie. These are really eccentric films, and that's great. My lyrics aren't that simple, and I use metaphors that aren't really metaphors. I'd love to write a song about a character - maybe Ben Stiller's businessman type in Tenenbaums. I do that quite often - write for an elaborate character I've made up in my head.
5. Any Old Western
Nothing specific, but these are my favorite films. I love John Wayne. These films always have a lot of beautiful country music.
4. I'm Not There
I'd love to do a Dylan cover.
3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
I really like that Beck song at the end. I think what I do - acoustic music - would fit pretty well.
2. Wristcutters: A Love Story
Tom Waits actually did the music for this movie, and I like him a lot. The music and the movie are quite dark and interesting, and I write a bit about death, and playing around with it.
1. O Brother Where Art Thou
I love the Carter Family and old gospel music. This movie just fits my style.

Bobby Long co-wrote the song "Never Think" (sung by Robert Pattison!) from the Twilight soundtrack, hence the list above! He's currently on tour so check out his myspace for dates and hear a song...

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The winner is: maryannmimi !

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TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

1 = Gladiator

Completely random choice, but I really do love the soundtrack to that movie.


One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest


I'm thinking Garden State for #1


Oh wow, The Bounty of Mary Jane is wonderful. I love Bobby's guitar styling. It reminds me a bit of Nick Drake.

It might not be his top choice, but I could see him writing a tune for The Graduate... so that's my guess. I'll have to give some more thought to my own list. :)


1 = Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels


He hasn't signed yet! Free agent!


I think Bobby Long's #1 movie that he would want to write a song for is Amelie. As for me...

9. Spirited Away
There's something about that Japanese anime that is so beautiful, and it is even better amplified with the music they use. My one problem is that the music in the movies isn't always very good (especially when the ease into the Japanese pop genre), and I feel that the art is so well-made, that I could write some music that fits better with what's actually going on.
8. Garden State
This movie, with primarily acoustic and slightly fuzzy (I write either with a piano or an acoustic guitar, so what I write with the guitar fits well... and i don't really know what I mean by fuzzy, actually), has a great soundtrack. I feel as though some of my mellow, thoughtful music could fit into this movie.
7. Coraline
Good old creepy movies need some good old creepy music, and besides liking creepy or haunting music, I think I can write it fairly well. All you need are the right minor chords and the right instrumental combinations. ^_^
6. (500) Days of Summer
This quirky love movie (although this is not a love story...) had some really great music, spanning from very happy and illustriously made (like Regina Spektor's "Us..." I LOVE that song.) to more mellow and sad. The music in this movie relates directly to the emotional atmosphere of the characters.
5. Donnie Darko
As you can probably tell, I tend to like either creepy and dark, or happy and quirky. This is creepy and dark, and has some really dark and creepy music that I like. I just love "Mad World." It helps bring the whole movie together.
4. Big Fish
The oddness of this movie is even better magnified with some good, creepy, yet simple music. I think this is a movie where the music is really important (as well as the other movies I'm choosing).
3. Little Miss Sunshine
Besides being my favorite movie of all time, this movie had a great soundtrack, including one of my favorite songs, "Chicago" (Sufjan Stevens). I would like to write another happy, but dysfunctional song to go with this movie.
2. Edward Scissorhands
I love the music to this movie, and how it's sort of mellow creepiness adds to the full effect of the film. Besides the movie being AMAZING. Perhaps, I would call the song "Paper Cuts"
1. Amelie
I love the music from this movie, written by Yann Tiersen, and I would like to have written some more music like it... French piano music, I guess?

Thank you!!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

I bet he wanted to write for The Breakfast Club I know i did!

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

space jam


The Man Who Fell To Earth


Little Miss Sunshine for #1!!!! xD
its also one of my #1 favs


Bobby - excellent choices!!!

+ Singin' in the Rain


Very nice. #1 spot has to be Homeward Bound 2.


Boondock Saints, for sure :)

As for actually writing music i would require that talent before putting any in movies. :D


1 is Donnie Darko :)

also I would love to write a song for the movie The Fall one of the most beautiful imaginative films ever :)


or I would guess #1 is Edward Sissorhands

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

9. Gone with the Wind.
It would be called "Windswept" and would be playing as the movie starts (when Scarlett notices Rhett).
8. Atonement
I'm terrible at song titles, so all the ones on this list will probably be only one word, haha. It would be called, "Betrayer" and would be all about Briony. She's a character that's truly, truly spooky and weird. The novel of this movie is fantastic and the movie definitely made it come alive.
7. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
I absolutely love the soundtrack for this movie! I would write a song called, "Pie For All!" It would be a bit more upbeat but would definitely work with the movie as well as the musical.
6. Juno
Great music with this wonderful movie, it was one of my favorites of 2007. The song I would write would be called, "There's Love In All Of Us" and it would be a simple, catchy song that plays near the end of the movie.
5. Antz
Antz was such a neat, little movie and I would love to write a song called, "Man The What?!" for the crazy General Mandible.
4. Pleasantville
Ahh, Pleasantville, I've watched you so many times! It would be called, "Change" because the entire movie is about that.
3. Enchanted
Enchanted is a film that is truly interesting and the soundtrack for it is pretty decent. It's full of fun songs, so I would write a song called, "The Time Is Now."
2. Magnolia
I would write a very simple song called "Forgive Me" that would be based around the character, Jimmy Gator.
1. Dreamgirls
It's a great movie with a great cast and full of great music. "Don't Give Up On Your Dreams."

The movie that's #1 on Bobby Long's list: Groundhog Day!


Juno's music is cool and all, but I find it mystifying that in a film where they eulogise Led Zep and classic metal, there is not a single guitar struck in anger in the soundtrack. It's all the aural equivalent of teenaged girls doodling during math class. Which, mind you, is quite possibly where the screenplay came from.


I know I'm not talented enough to write any music for film. There have been a few films that I did not like the chosen music, but alas (earwax) nothing comes to mind right now.

However, I would like to guess that your #1 would be The Crow. A movie about a vengeful dead rock musician and his would-be bride. Love, death, music and revenge, it all adds up to a great film.

andyg profile pic Alumni

1 = Pulp Fiction

  1. Beetlejuice -- "Lydia's Theme"
  2. So I Married an Axe Murderer -- "Melody for Mrs. X"
  3. The Stepford Wives -- "I'm a Stepford Babe"
  4. Better Off Dead -- "The Paperboy's Lament"
  5. Party Girl -- "Groove Is in the House"
  6. Gremlins -- "Gremlins... Mega-Madness (Reprise Remix)"
  7. The Cemetery Man -- "One Night in Buffalora"
  8. Labyrinth -- "Have a Tight Pants Rock Out"
  9. Welcome to the Dollhouse -- "Banging Fingers"

    And for my guess... hmmm
    Lost in Translation
  1. Willy Wonka/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    My Top 9:

  2. Toy Story -- "I've Got a Woody"
  3. Spiderman -- "Down the Water Spout"
  4. Terminator -- "Rage Against the Machine"
  5. Matrix -- "High Wire Fire"
  6. When Harry Met Sally -- "O"
  7. The Jerk -- "Stand Up Citizen"
  8. Tron -- "Computers Byte"
  9. Cool Runnings -- "Jamaica Jam"
  10. Shaun of the Dead -- "Living After Midnight Revisioned"
B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

His number one has to be Donnie Darko doesn't it?
do i win?

ok here's mine;

9. Spun
8. Less than Zero
7. Punch-Drunk Love
6. RumbleFish
5. Suburbia (80's)
6. Waking Life
4. The Lost Boys
3. Swingers
2.Love Liza
1.Hedwig And The Angry Inch


it took me awhile and I could only come up with 8, but here's what I got:

When Harry Met Sally...
"The Question Still Remains" lyrically similar to the Rodgers and Hart song I Could Write A Book, only performed a la folk-rock. lol @ "O", btw.

Before Sunrise/Sunset
"Chances Aren't" a nod to the Stillman-Allen tune of a like name, but with a modern day vibe (both musically and lyrically).

Synecdoche, New York
"Choice Encounters" A dreary ditty with random undertones of hope.

Wizard of Oz
a tune for the wicked witch of the west to croon just before she croaks. spotlight, cigarette, blues-inspired swan song titled "I Ain't So Bad, Kid".

there can never be enough songs about NYC, right? this one would've been jittery, jazzy and apparently Untitled.

Easy Rider
okay. honestly? I just wish I wrote "It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)" shakes fist at Dylan

Good Will Hunting
"Cerebral Heart (Will's Dilemma)" perhaps played in a montage-type situation or something. I'm thinking piano driven. shrugs

a cover version of the Chiffons' He's So Fine. Maybe done in a slower tempo with acoustic guitar and soft maracas or perhaps in a Nouvelle Vague sorta way.

25th Hour
it would be the title track written about Monty. sullen and a bit perplexing; an eerie rock ballad.


oh wait. that's 9. haha. I forgot I added 25th hour at the end.


Bobby Longs #1 would be "Oh brother where art thou?"


I was gonna guess Little Miss Sunshine, but that was taken, and then I was going to guess Donny Darko, but that was taken...

I'll say.....Kill Bill!

jublin profile pic Alumni

i'm really digging the music.

reminds me of Into the Wild. That would be my guess for his first choice. Sort of has that same great vibe that Eddie Vedder's music had from the film.


bobby's number one, if he's feeling cheesily romantic and in the mood for a quaint acoustic, would probably be Juno...


Hmmm, my guess for #1 O Brother Where Art Thou :)


1: Requiem for a Dream


I would say Mirrormask for #1


For #1 I would guess I Heart Huckabees.


Shira's #1: 2001 A Space Odyssey


I would want to write a few songs for the movie Kazaam starring Mr. Shaquille O'Neal. (Its the only move I think that can handle my musical prowess and (in)ability)

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