• by woemcats
  • posted Jun 05, 2006

I really like this image. I really hate heather gray shirts. I agree, it's too "PE uniform" or maybe even "I got this from CafePress" (neither are good). Hopefully it will be reprinted on a better color sometime (I ordered "I munna eat joo!" on banana, then it was reprinted on navy blue and looked way better).

Watch this
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i doubt itll be reprinted on a good colour if their gray one doesnt prove popular =)


You know, I thought the same thing about this.

Then I went out and bought heather grey panties with some screenprinted design on them.



i bought it but it would have looked so deliciously sweet on silver like in the design

Easy Jack

This design falls under the category of "I gave it a $5, but once I saw the official print I changed my mind."

It's a damn shame, but such is life.


aw i wanted the yellow but i had to order the blue.
we should trade. ;)

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