empire thingy

i looked at the shirt and said hey that looks like a guy getting hung by the neck...so then it made the shirt cool because it wasnt just a building...dont know if it supposed to be that way or if im just seeing a cooler shirt in my head...anyways lalal alallala

Watch this

say what?


i still odnt see it.


Yeah, I don't see it either.... :l


maybe if it had a head... but it doesn't so no....

not a defined head at least

stabilo boss

i have no idea how you see that...


I don't see it either...

stabilo boss

imagine the black of the design is a face.
you can see the chin, mouth and nose then no more of the head.
the rope is meeting the neck around the adams apple (which is spiky).

stabilo boss

sorry... you cant quite see the nose


Oooh... I think I see it now. Thanks to stabilo. Wow.. some people have really... umm, unique ways of looking at things. I would've never seen it that way. Interesting....


I thought the white thing was the hanging man?

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