Reward! Have you seen my bicycle?

  • by cshimala
  • posted Aug 06, 2009

Holy missing bike Batman! We said we were going to do it in last weeks Friday Update with Sensei Festa and guess what we did! We've hung up some posters based off the above design around Chicago, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, London, Portland, West Palm Beach so drop what you're doing and rip 'em down to claim the copy of the tee hidden behind it. MORE Locations coming soon!

West Palm Beach

Rosemary south of daytura (north of cityplace)

Clematis east of quadrille (across from library)

The Clematis fountain

Lakeview and Flagler (under the bridge)

Portland Locations

On the corner of NW 24th and Irving.

Corner of SE Hawthorne and SE 36th Ave.

Corner of SE 16th and SE Pine (the lady who owns the store gave me strange looks as she came by to open up as I was putting it up)

On Portland State campus on the corenr of SW Hall and SW Broadway

BONUS picture! I doodled on the back of all the bags!

London Locations

Corner of Manette St and Greek St - under the arches next to the "Pillars of Hercules" pub

Corner of Newman Street and Eastcastle Street - outside the "First Colour Print Centre"

Corner of Argyll Street and Great Marlborough Street - on the great british phone box!

Bottom of Berwick Street, next to Cass Art

Bottom of Berwick Street, next to Cass Art

All CHICAGO Bikes have been found!

All Brooklyn Bikes!

All Philly Bikes!

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Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

haha that's awesome!

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Oh man, I'd be taking another lunch break to go pick one up, ahaha.


Oh, crap. I went back in time, too.

is eaten by dinosaur

jess4002 profile pic Alumni


cshimala profile pic Staff

Tee behind it or not, I think it would be cool for everyone around the world to start hanging these up.


I'd put them up around Tennessee, but there are far too many words on it.

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

I'm sure the folks in Tennessee will enjoy the purrdy picture


Hey folks I am in NYC next weekend Aug.14th So if you live in nyc be on the look out for more missing posters!! :)


Well, I get off work in an hour, and live about a mile from the one at Armitage & Damen, I suppose I'll drive by and see if its still there.


@nomad nice try mister :) @czar you better!!

smitten kitten

That's a great idea!! Now come to LA please.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

doh. i hate copycatting comments by accident :(


send a handful to Fort Lauderdale/Miami – I'll tape some up and send you the pix!


Totally going to look for it in New York City ^^
I cant wait

secretly robots
secretly robots profile pic Alumni

Threadless you've done it again! so cool!!
and gosh that design looks good as a poster. perhaps it's time to bring back the art prints? hint hint wink wink nudge nudge?


genius inc., shimala and festa!


Who is coming to NYC?


darn that's like opposite side of the continent for me oh well at least in canada we get free health care


If you are interested in posting these posters in your city contact :)


i'm going to post them in my city
then find them
and win a tee


I want to post AND find, and drink with y'all.


Anybody want to post up some "Missing!!!" posters? I will make it worth your while :) wink wink

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

i could post some in philly

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

i could ride my bike to hang up posters about a missing bike! oh, the hilarity!

digsy profile pic Alumni

don't suppose you'll send some to london to stick up will you? I would totally help put some up then!


Shoot me an email with your address if interested! Digsy I will send some out :)

briancook profile pic Alumni

I just shot you an email - I'd love to hit up Portland with these posters as we are so Bike crazy!

Do you guys want me to blog about it too?

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

<big><big><big>PHILLY LOCATIONS!!</big></big></big>

South Philly: Christian & Hutchinson (right by Sabrina's, the greatest cafe in the entire city)

Washington Square: 6th & Walnut (along the outside of the park)

Rittenhouse Square: Corner of 18th & Rittenhouse (near the Art Alliance building)

Art Museum: Kelly Dr. & Art Museum Dr. (across from the Philadelphian building)



Metropolitan ave. And Driggs Ave Williamsburg, Brooklyn


N. 11th and Bedford ave Williamsburg, Brooklyn


south philly one is taken! just went to get it and it was already gone.


So... coming to Australia sometime soon? :(


OMG. I should print one for here! [California]

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