Hey threadless users!!

Well, I'm still working on some good slogans, so tell me what you think about what I have and please vote. :D


Watch this

Hi, I checked them out!
I liked a lot, i vote them.
Si pude leer eso, ¿de qué quiere su taco?
Mmm, it seems that you like tacos, they're delicius!
Good luck!


Some of them are pretty generic, but most of them are modified...and those are my old ones. My newer ones are original.

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War doesn't determine who is right - only who is left.

I feel like i'[ve seen this on a million bumper stickers. It's like a quote from Gandhi, or Einstein, or Ziggy.

and what if i'm not from Okahumpka?


I deleted it cause it broke the rules for blogs


ayudame por favor
para todas las personas aqui que hablan espanol

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Brightwood on Aug 04 '09 at 11:11am<br />

??? would love to help, but want to be sure you wrote these???

As it has been mentioned before , the problem with your slogans is their lack of originality.
If you have ONE slogans that you copy or that is modified it makes the voter uncomfortable to vote for the ones that are not.
Erase any slogan that isn't yours and try again, please!


smaka smaka smave


smocolate smilk.

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