Astronaut Blues

  • by cjgammon
  • posted Jul 23, 2009

2 color belt print. comic strip wraps around waist of shirt.

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2 color belt print. comic strip wraps around waist of shirt.

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very cool story told here :)


Neat story. Involves reading some1's ass though...


love the placement, really cool idea 5$!


like the unique placement for a comic strip


This shirt makes me exceeding happy! If I could critique anything (and I was really reaching for something here), is in the panel where the astronaut is hugging his wife/girlfriend, he kinda looks like he forgot to press his white Miami Vice blazer. I know it's supposed to be a space suit, but maybe making it a little puffier and baggier might help?


i like the story.. Thanks for your comment on my design.

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hmm.. i like your illustration. cool idea as well. I'm kinda liking the whole pointing upwards thing. If you had that through all your frames then the last part he does a different hand expression that might strengthen your concept.

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Incredible and incredibly sad story here, I just don't think it works on a tee in the current way you have it. But as a short comic, it's incredible.


I'm definitely intrigued by the composition here. Totally different.


Making ennui interesting by drawing forth an unarticulated feeling we all have about astronauts - "What if it's not worth it?"

Quite spectacularly rare to find such a insightful work of art in the modern era.


5-5-5, thank you for making this, i hope the poor fellow isn't too disappointed!

Throw me a vote?


This shirt reminds me a lot of a song called "In Space" by Ludo. It tells a similar story. The design is very cool.


this design is so neat and a great story!

Bio-bot 9000
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I don't like the placement. It starts reading from the back, which is very confusing.

a 3 by 2, or 2 by 3 composition with the punchline at the bottom would be much more attractive.


thanks for the comments! i realize the placement is controversial, but i thought that was part of the fun of the design. the astronaut draws you in and then you want to learn the whole story.


Oh I didn't notice the pointing up thing, till it was pointed out, but that's a great detail. I'm mainly curious why you didn't choose a black shirt to represent space?

I think this is a truly fantastic idea, but it just didn't quite translate to the shirt format. But it's understandably hard because you have a beautiful story here, rather than just one image. I don't know if you're interested, or if it's worth it at this stage, but I have a suggestion for how this could be tweaked to fit a shirt better.

Rearrange the panels so they're stacked, 2x3 or 3x2, on the back of the shirt, with the last one being the spaceship like you have here. Then have his tether leading from the back to the front of the shirt where he's floating all alone. Better yet, the front and back could be flipped, so we see the story playing out and then we see his disappointment when we follow it back. I think that would actually be a more natural progression, building the anticipation for the punchline rather than giving it away from the start.

Regardless, great stuff here just needs some tweaking!

ilya yas

i like this alot... :) the story is very well expressed..


niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! love the new version!

Ideas Galore

this is just wonderful and so sweet. I'd absolutely buy it. I prefer the placement of the astronaut on the front of the shirt, though.


Both placements are nice - I prefer the first by far, though. The second makes me want to see a version that has the positions reversed, with the astronaut and punchline on the front, but ultimately I think you got it right the first time. I really dig how the original 'spoils' the conclusion - it reads more poignantly that way. Great job.


hmm i rather like your original placement best. i dont like so much blockiness on the front, and itd be nice to have someone check out my ass :). anyways, heres my vote for your first placement!!


thanks for all the positive feedback!

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