Wanna be a VIP? Tell us the TEE!

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Jul 09, 2009

We are giving away TWO PAIRS of VIP passes to the Pitchfork Music Fest right here in this very blog! How do you get em? It's as simple as this...

Tell us which Threadless tee you'd wear to the fest and why!

Perhaps it's in tribute to one of the bands playing? Perhaps it's because you just want to show off a cool tee? Perhaps it's a general music festival message? Let us know!

We will pick TWO commenters below that hit both points (what tee? why?) and give each a PAIR OF VIP passes!!! Thanks everyone for commenting! Winners have been contacted!

Good luck!!

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I would wear the Golden Afternoon tee as I think it describes what Pitchfork is all about, and hopefully each day of Pitchfork will include a true golden afternoon


I'd wear "Mob Musicians", cause it totally shows off how badass bands can be, haha. All these bands will give you an offer you can refuse. ;)

Or, "Contraband", cause you never do know what's in those musicians cases! And glow in the dark action is definitely a must have at concerts.


I'm really freaking tall.

I'll be wearing Giraffes United Against Ceiling Fans. Not only that, but I'll be getting to Pitchfork Fest early. By giving me a VIP pass, you will be saving some poor fan behind me who will be wishing they not only could see, but that I was FOR ceiling fans.


I would most likely wear SEA BEARD because it's my favorite shirt ever and I tend to wear it whenever I go out and do cool stuff!

BONUS! I'm pretty sure my boyfriend would wear ODE TO JOY because it looks awesome. (:


I would wear "Instant Pool Party" because ideally Chicago's summer will actually show up by then and the idea of a refreshing pool party would help me stay in a cool mentality while I'm out in the sun all day checking out the bands.


I would wear the "Communist Party" shirt because it looks like a good time and I'd definitely be having a good time at Pitchfork.


I'd wear the "Allow Me to Explain Through Interpretive Dance," because I tend to dance when I hear music. I'm not sure if people would be able to discern what I'm saying by my dancing, but it'd be fun to try.


i would wear the "summer's passing" shirt each day, because the concert seems to be in the middle of the summer and each day is a day that summer passes. woot.


If I could go to Pitchfork's festival I'd definitely "Music Snob" and "I Listen to Bands That Don't Even Exist Yet" because they bring a bit of humor to concerts that will be full of people that are very into the underground music scene!


I would wear the Infinity MPG to blend in with the hipsteratti and conceal the fact that I will probably drive there....BUT ONLY BECAUSE MY BIKE GOT STOLEN AND I CAN'T AFFORD A NEW ONE!!!


id wear bear hug! itsd an awesome and subtle shirt as well as beign the perfect garb to a grizzly bear concert.


I would wear MP(3), because I plan on going into the military. Admittedly, it isn't much of a reason, but I still think its a great tee


I don't know which threadless shirt i would wear, honestly i just want some VIP passes.
Hey look, the singer from Braid!


I'd wear "The Madness of Mission 6" because it was the shirt I wore to my first music festival- Lollapollooza in 2008. Boy! What an expreience that was! The shirt functions as an allegory for what that day and night, were like for me. In fact, I would go so far as to say the shirt is an allegory for all mind bending musical extravaganzas!



I would wear 'I Listen to Bands That Don't Even Exist Yet' because let's face it half the reason you head to a music festival is to discover new bands and sometimes you see the bands that are going forward on a smaller scale and haven't been 'discovered' yet by mainstreamers. I love this shirt too it's just funny...there is always music in my head!


I would wear the "The internet was closed so I thought I'd come outside today." This would be an exacting description of the Pitchfork music festival. That the festival is the embodiment of what the internet site stands for. So when it's closed it has transferred to a real space. I would definitely go with this incredibly literal shirt!


I'd wear "Long Journey". What a fantastic shirt to wear outside in the sun on a hot Chicago summer day. The art is beautiful, the color scheme shines, and it will look good on me all day and well into the night. That shirt is so sharp it could carve a turkey.


I would wear Rock HOWTO ... just in case there's anyone around who is in doubt of what they should be doing. Plus, its understated message means people can pay attention to the BANDS as it should be!

This is, of course, dependant on two things: first, that I actually owned that particular shirt, and second, that I could make it to Chicago... ;)


i'd pick 'puppet in love'. long story...here goes. my boyfriend and i met in a puppetry class in college. thus, puppets in general have tremendous sentimental value. as far as pitchfork goes, next to my boyfriend, i'd say the pitchfork site/festival is a close second to having my heart.


For 3 days of the Pitchfork Music Fest, I'd wear 3 shirts that help epitomize the site's philosophies.

Day 1: I'd Rather Play Records Than Break Them
The festival has a record fair, where you can find all kinds of great LPs. Screw mp3s and CDs.

Day 2: Ice Cream Cheerleading Stunt
Let's not forget about The Ice Cream Man! The guy shows up to Pitchfork every year to give out free ice cream. Plus, it's always hot and they do have ice cream available for purchase (not to mention VEGAN ice cream for those who love animals a little too much)

Day 3: The Average Bear
Oh, the fickle Pitchfork likes to promote bands and say nice things about them, then hit them with some backlash. Grizzly Bear is tops right now, but a year from now, they may be getting dumped on. Call it the future view of the band. (note: I really do love me Grizzly Bear)


"My friends aren't imaginary, just invisible and shy." Because I just moved to Chicago 4 days ago...so I'll be going alone. :)

Perhaps one of the guys from Frightened Rabbit will see this and sense my sad. But they'll play Keep Yourself Warm, and all will be well again.


I would wear the 'start walking behind me. we can start a parade.' t-shirt to pitchfork because I think it would be totally fun and cliche to start a parade like conga line.


I'd wear a shirt that says "WHO DO I HAVE TO FUCK TO GET BACKSTAGE PASSES". What's wrong with some honesty, right?


p.s. I misread the rules and for that I understand any penalty that i'll occur. But, to my own defense, wouldn't it be funny to have a such a forward message on a shirt?! C'monnnnn.


I'd wear my Take Me To Tokyo shirt because (a) I'm totally hitching a ride to Pitchfork in the back of the Threadless-free-ticket-mobile and (b) I never outgrew my dinosaur/robot/Godzilla phase of childhood. And bonus, at the end of a couple days in the sun, my face will match my pink shirt.

MC Grammar

I'd wear "And how are you feeling today?" on the first night because the idea of getting to see Yo La Tengo and Built to Spill back to back makes me so excited it feels like my brain is melting.

The second day I'd wear "Splash of Senses" because I think I'd still be feeling overwhelmed that I came all the way from Rochester, NY to Chicago and was able to see these amazing bands for free. This shirt is definitely the epitome of feeling over-stimulated. Plus it's a sunny little splash of color.

The third day I'd wear "The Red", because undoubtedly some really tall dude will try to stand in front of me like a huge human wall while I'm trying to catch a glimpse of Frightened Rabbit. As usual I'll have to yell at him to move out of my way and if he gets an attitude I'll just make a "What?" gesture and he'll look down at my bloody shirt and know not to mess with me.

Also, as you can see from my profile pic I’m ready to get down.


I would wear "The Helium Menagerie" because that very shirt got the attention of a girl that I went out with for two months. (She dumped me in part because I'm "usually smelly.") A recollection of events: she said, "hey, nice shirt." I asked her out. And you can fill in the extraneous details yourself. So I guess my odds of getting girls increases when I wear that shirt. The shirt is lucky, I swear. I wear it almost every day; five days a week, on average. (I figure I can go two days a week without being such a hunk.) I'm actually wearing it right now, and I'll wear it tomorrow, because if I don't then I have no chance of winning this contest! I might finally wash it in time for the Pitchfork Music Festival. Maybe.


I would wear "fake pandas have more fun" because I think it embodies the spirit of pitchfork. It has the subtle hidden elements which once noted really stand out, just like these incredible bands some of which are well-known and some of which are on their way to be fully appreciated.


I would borrow my friend's "I Listen to Bands that Don't Exist Yet" t-shirt, simply because i wouldn't be able to resist the irony of the situation. I mean, it would be hilarious to be surrounded by my fellow hipsters, who listen to the same bands i do, and be pretentious together.


I would wear my "Extra Pulp" shirt because it is my favorite Threadless tee right now. It doesn't have much to do with music, but I've found that when i wear it, it is a great conversation starter and festivals are an excellent way to meet people and be friendly while enjoying good music!

Also, it playfully deals with pop culture, which goes along with music as a pop "art" of this generation


Hmmmmm.......I'd probably choose the wildlife: antlers tee so the antlers would have a chuckle when they'd see me in the crowd. And it would be a great alternative to wearing a band shirt of the band I'm seeing, because really, that's a bit douche-y.


i'd deifiposilutely wear Hooray for Sarcasm

i'd wear it at carious outdoor festivals, like pitchfork. then people would come up to me and say "you know, i love sarcasm, too". and i'd ask them "wait, are you being sarcastic, or do you reaaaly love sarcasm?" then we'd both have a laugh.


i would wear my iowa, cooler than california since 2009 shirt for the public social awareness factor. also, iowa's largest export, second to corn, is bearded flannel wearing kids that love the same music i do so it'll be a shout out to two distinct groups that may even discover each other.


I would wear my Peace & Hate shirt because it is such a great looking tee! Every time I wear it - I meet so many new people because it is such a great conversation starter! And I can think of no other place that I would love to go and meet new people. I love the simple, yet poignant image of the grenade and the peace dove on this t-shirt. So powerful! Also, I really love to tell people about how anyone can submit a t-shirt design and have a chance to be printed as a Threadless Tee. Very inspiring and empowering.


"I listen to bands that don't even exist yet." because its funny and ironic, and i like the color, duh.


the "fake pandas have more fun" because i want to make sure that the rule applies to ALL situations, including music festivals.


without a doubt, i would wear "imaginary of cloud." now, on the surface, many would wonder "what the hell does that have to do with a music festival?" but with a closer look at the band's lineup, the answer becomes clear. the tee is basically a mess of animals all clustered together...in case some of you havent yet noticed, a common trend among indie bands as of late is to name themselves after some adorable forest-dwelling creature. in this single shirt the jesus lizard, plants and animals, bowerbirds, the antlers, grizzly bear, frightened rabbit, and killer whales are all captured. the only animal band left out is tortoise...but i figure tortoise is too underground and off-beat to want to be included, anyways. yeah?
anywho....i dare you to find any other tee on the site that encompasses THAT much of pitchfork. booya. right? okay, i hope...

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