Wanna be a VIP? Tell us the TEE!

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Jul 09, 2009

We are giving away TWO PAIRS of VIP passes to the Pitchfork Music Fest right here in this very blog! How do you get em? It's as simple as this...

Tell us which Threadless tee you'd wear to the fest and why!

Perhaps it's in tribute to one of the bands playing? Perhaps it's because you just want to show off a cool tee? Perhaps it's a general music festival message? Let us know!

We will pick TWO commenters below that hit both points (what tee? why?) and give each a PAIR OF VIP passes!!! Thanks everyone for commenting! Winners have been contacted!

Good luck!!

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Grandpa Cassette, of course. Gotta keep it old school.


i'd wear "stabby mcknife" to Pitchfork, for several reasons:

1. it lets people know not to mess with me -- if they step to this, they're gonna get cut
2. indie types are all about sneering and acting cooler than -- this fits in nicely with that!
3. also letting pitchfork know that a pitchfork will never beat a knife when push comes to shove!

plus it's not so obvious why i'm wearing it (not to knock the "rock out w/yr cock out and "grizzly" ppl out there)


I'd wear "Octopus on yo' Shirt" because a pitchfork is almost like a trident and that's what I'd be using to hunt all the octopus at the music festival if I was able to go.


I'd wear "There's no crying in breakfast" because it is the first (and favorite) threadless shirt I bought for myself - the start of my addiction.


"The Drummer" because Cymbals Eat Guitars! I'm pretty sure a raccoon playing drums would destroy anything...


I'd wear my favorit shirt, No-Arms McSneakers, because it's mindblowing design would be perfect match for seeing the Flaming Lips.


The internet was closed so I thought I'd come outside today. I'll head out Californee way, see what I can find.

I assume there is wifi in one or more VIP areas, and I'll need to keep my phone charged so I can stream live video to all the noobs above me (and to those who arrived below, post-commentually).



communist party, because hipsters are pinko commies


I would wear I Love the (Eighteen) 80s because music sounds better on a gramophone.


Hi there,

I'd wear "A Very Naughy Bear". There's nothing better than looking at Winnie the Pooh as a savage grizzly bear (props to the band!) fighting off the likes of Piglet, Rabbit and Tigger. And I just love the slain Eeyore in the background...he was always a Debbie Downer anyways.

This shirt encompasses my love of childhood memories, my constant ability to take joyful, happy things and turn them comically dark and twisted, and ultimately would make me feel more connected to the band I want to see most - GRIZZLY BEAR!


I would wear my "I listen to bands that don't even exist yet" because it's tan and won't make me sweat like crazy, and it's totally the mindset of most of the population attending Pitchfork. Double Whammy!


Tee: MP3
Why: Straight to the point tee with the most comments from passerbys. Plus, army men look cool playing the guitar.

chemi hydro

This one is crazy easy:

I'd wear "Star Men in Moon's Milk" to go see Built To Spill, because it has the Big Dipper on it. Plus, it even has a Car.

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I'd wear "Peace and Hate..." as a social commentary on the hipster culture. Also, I look quite ravishing in green.


I'd wear Piece of Meat, because last time I went to a big concert my friends and I all wore it (ten people total)-- it was easy to find each other, other people in the crowd were using our group as a landmark ("Yeah, come find us just to the right of the meat shirt people"), and we got some very entertaining questions about them (to which myriad answers can be fabricated. E.g. when asked, "What's with the meat shirts?" it is perfectly acceptable to reply, "We're part of a cult."). Also, punny jokes abounded, and irony was in no short supply (three of our group were vegetarian). All in all, having a group of meat-shirted concertgoers made the experience even more awesome than it would have been otherwise.


"She Doesn't Even Realize" definitely, as a tribute to The Flaming Lips in response to "Do You Realize?" It's my favorite threadless shirt, worn the perfect number of times so it's formed to me, but hasn't faded too much from the wash. I get lots of comments on it and even more thoughtful looks - a mark of a great Threadless shirt...

Plus only one other person has mentioned it so I would most unlikely not be committing the fashion faux pas of wearing the same shirt as everyone else ;0

If we're planning for three days, I'd also wear "Ah Munna Eat Choo" just because I love watching people stare at my shirt, mouthing out the words to figure out what the muffin is saying and "Stalagmite vs. Stalagtite" because it's cute on the front and back, so there would be something for everyone around to see.


"I listen to bands that don't even exist yet."


Cause pitchfork has to be the most painfully hip festival in all the land.

and also, it looks damn good.


"Living in Harmony"

because Pitchfork is going to have a range of incredible artists. Acoustic, Electric, and Awesome.


On Friday:

because I'd be an out-of-towner braving Chicago's public transportation system to get to my friend's house for the night.

On Saturday: (if I ever make it home the night before)
in homage to Zach Condon's Elephant Gun and because it looks kickin with brown pants and a beard.

On Sunday:

For Mew's song "The Zookeeper's Boy," but mostly because it's awesome to have an oversized-print giraffe on your chest.

Can you tell I'm a biology major?


I'd be wearing this one, as I wear it to every festival 'cause it's so incredibly sweet


"The Internet Was Closed So I Thought I'd Come Outside Today"

Catching good music with the internet = Easy but lame
Catching good music at Pitchfork = Easy and Awesome


I'd wear the "Let Me Explaing Through Interpretive Dance"

Now... I shall explain wy through interpretive dance ;)


i'd wear "I listen to bands that don't exist yet", but i'd turn it inside out, because only real hipsters get to be vip's at super-indie music fests, and real hipsters don't need to advertise how hip they are, but it would always be there so i could pull the collar out a bit and look down and see it there, a confirmation of how hip i am by listening to bands that don't exist yet

i'd probably also cut it into a deep-v neck and write BRITNEY SPEARS on the inside part (which is now facing out) because irony

then i'd probably get in a drinking contest with the black lips and throw up on cole alexander on stage

yeah thatd be pretty deck


I would wear my 'Night and Day' shirt because Pitchfork lasts pretty long and it would look incredible all during the day. Not to mention, i wouldnt even need to change it at night because of the awesome glowage on that shirt after an amazing day in the awesome chicago sun.


I would wear the Supervision T because I would not take my husband with me to the festival. I would take my best girlfriend & we would behave as though we were totally unsupervised- because we would be totally unsupervised.


I would wear "Octadecapus" to keep up with my setlist request and the playful sealife theme on my favorite Yo La Tengo album.


the morning after tee. this shirt is classic and surely can grab a lot of attention at a music fest like pitchfork! the shirt has everything. bizarre - clown. striking/happy - yellow. puking rainbow - who doesn't like that? the shirt just spells out fun on the person who's wearing it!


"in case of zombies", the obvious choice for everyone's education and protection.


I would wear "Grandpa Cassette". Really I dont need a reason other than it is a bad ass shirt, But if I had to give a reason it would be that the most people who attend pitchfork ( myself included) grew up on cassettes, now we all live on our iPods. Its really a deep social commentary on the finite nature of objects. In reality the shirt brings to light the finite nature of the human experience... or maybe its just a rad t-shirt. Really you could go either way...


I'd wear "IOWA: Cooler than California since 2009" because it's just true. California has had it's hayday, and now it's Iowa's turn, and everyone needs to know.


I'd wear "Now that's dope" on Friday because it combines taste in music and sense of humor, two important things when at a music festival. I'd wear "Solitary Dream Pt2" the next day because of the amazing city that is Chicago. The last day I'd wear "Flowing Inspiration" because that shirt is made of awesome and so is Pitchfork.


I would wear "The Communist Party" and "Afternoon Delight". I have never worn those shirts without being complimented on them at least once. Since I would be traveling, I'll need new festival friends.


Well, I would of course wear Stupid Raisins! Stay Out of my Cookies! for a myriad of reasons:

For starters, raisins suck.

Secondly, the shiny white tee would keep me cool as a cucumber (not to mention so fresh and so cleanclean).

Thirdly, given the quantity of people present and the abundance of hiding places, there's bound to be hundreds, if not thousands of lurking raisins just pining to get inside my cookies.

Finally, I've heard rumors that Zach Condon of Beirut hates raisins (and by rumors I mean the voice in my head), which makes sense because Zach Condon is splendid, and raisins, well, suck.


I would have to wear my favorite shirt, "Renaissance", to give a shout-out to a great era for art. It would also be the second best setting, after Chicago, to hear performances from the best artists of our time! (I'll just pretend :P)


I would wear Choose Your Own Adventure! because that's what the 3 bands at once and friends with lesser taste make you do.

Blank Space

The AV shirt because you would be rocking out in the front row of the fest and everybody behind you would be looking at one another thinking, "Where did that cool guy/gal get that ridiculously awesome shirt?" and you would be in the front thinking, "Thanks, Threadless."

I know this from personal experience, I own the shirt.


I would wear the Cookies & Milk Tee by Jess Fink because I go hand in hand with the Pitchfork Music Festival just like Cookies and Milk. We share the same bond. "I love you!" =).

Batteries Included

I would wear The Mystery of Mission Six because it fits in the most with the general population of people who will be there, while still being an obscure enough reference to be completely awesome.


I would wear all 51 of my shirts at once. Why? to keep warm.


I would wear "Electric Sky" because the bright colors would help me stand out in the crowds of hipster clones!


"Now That's Dope"
because, indeed, that's what I'd be thinking if I were able to rock out to all that magic those talented musicians make
also, that shirt seems to catch the attention of other Threadless fans (based on past experiences)
which always leads to smiles, high fives, and good vibes
and what could make Pitchfork anymore complete than those three things? Well, those and some kind of cereal stand.


It would have to be "Living in Harmony" because it shows the multitude of variation that just one instrument can exert and represents the ingenuity and creativity that the human mind can have with it.


It would have to be "Living in Harmony" because it shows the level of variation that one instrument can exert and represents the level of ingenuity and creativity that the human mind and soul is capable of.


I would wear "Real Bear Hugs are Often Fatal" because Grizzly Bear kills and I want to promote "Safe Hugging".


I'd wear "RED", because festivals can make people pretty rowdy. No one messes with someone wearing a gun-toting Lil' Red Riding Hood on their chest.


I'd wear "Put your best foot forward ...and you shake it all about" because not only is it about music and dancing (with a good message about doing your best and having fun), but more importantly, it would elicit smiles from many people as they remember the days of dancing to the hokey pokey.


Would totally wear "Now That's Dope."
I think comedy and music is just one of the best combinations. :D


I would wear "The Communist Party." Ummm... just because it's my favorite shirt EVAR


"Rock HOWTO"

Because a handy howto never hurts.


I's wear "Introduction to Molecular Bonding" because it succinctly communicates that I'm an uber-geek that likes to have fun. And of course, this will lead to molecular bonding with new friends from the fest ;)

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