Wanna be a VIP? Tell us the TEE!

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Jul 09, 2009

We are giving away TWO PAIRS of VIP passes to the Pitchfork Music Fest right here in this very blog! How do you get em? It's as simple as this...

Tell us which Threadless tee you'd wear to the fest and why!

Perhaps it's in tribute to one of the bands playing? Perhaps it's because you just want to show off a cool tee? Perhaps it's a general music festival message? Let us know!

We will pick TWO commenters below that hit both points (what tee? why?) and give each a PAIR OF VIP passes!!! Thanks everyone for commenting! Winners have been contacted!

Good luck!!

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"Origami turned my pants into this shirt" because it would explain why im not wearing pants.


i would definitely wear the "now panic and freak out" type tee because i would be constantly FReAKING OUt!!!


I'd wear "The Drummer" because racoons are amazing drummers!! Plus all the drummers might appreciate some amazing trashcan thumpin racoon action...i think i actually saw a "coon" wailing on some cans down Lakeshore Drive!? it was amazing...although, it could have been that 40 of MGD High Life i was drinking...


I would sport the "I Hi Five Strangers" tee at Pitchfork this year/
In honor of the the 2009 line up, for which I'd like to cheer/
Like in did in the great heat wave of Pitchfork 2006/
The sun's rays did not stop me from seeing Glenn Kotche's sticks/
Or from discovering my love of Band of Horses songs/
With the crowds of strangers in magic sing alongs/
Man Man and Chin Up Chin Up put on quite a show/
Aesop Rock spun the turn tables with his immaculate flow/
I would love to return to the heart of windy Chicago/
And High Five Strangers at the years best show.


I would totally sport "Progeny." I mean, first off, there's little Keytar, wouldn't it be a great inspiration to know that someday it could be one of those instruments in on the stage. Second, it's a totally family friendly fest, so Ma Keyboards and Daddy Axe could enjoy themselves all day with some tasty Goose Island beer, great music, and good local eats. The only advice I'd have, is that they should cover Keytar's eyes during Cymbals Eat Guitars, as it doesn't need to see that kind of violence.


I'd probably wear Bear Market because even though we're in a dastardly recession, I would still pay to go to Pitchfork Music Festival and eat concessions and drink beer and probably buy some kind of mustache-shaped craft. Also, Grizzly Bear is playing and so a bear shirt would be appropriate attire for that.

I also would consider wearing YGB because each year at Pitchfork it seems to be either hot as blazes or raining cats and dogs. Yet, everyone still has a good time on the ground.


I'd wear "Infinity MPG" because I desperately want to fit in with my indie brothers by showing how concerned I am for the environment and how much I want to express my concern through a rockin' t-shirt.


I would wear "Eating Brains, Throwing Shapes" in a slightly ironic homage to MJ. Plus I'm about to get it, so this gives me the coolest venue to show it off.


Gotta go with "Mister Mittens Big Adventure" cause it gets the best reactions from passersby. My favorite so far was a guy I passed on the sidewalk who said quietly as if talking to himself,"Holy sh*t, that cat has laser eyes."


I would wear "In case of emergency, BREAK DANCE" in hopes of inspiring throngs of people to give in to the amazing tunes and form a massive dance party of unity.

And then we'd come up with the solution for world peace.


Mic Chuck. One. Two. It's one of the greatest band/concert t-shirts of all time! Plus I'm a sucker for vomit themed designs!


I'd go with "The Communist Party"; word on the street is that Castro is a big Wavves fan.

Alternatively, anything with wolves in it because wolves are hella-F'ing-balls-to-the-wall awesome.


Mos def I would wear "Put The Needle On The Record" because even though we are living in the instant gratification digital age we can get back to basics; live music with all the trappings...a summer park festival with a sea of cords, instruments and amps, ironic haircuts, some ego, a bit of sweat and healthy dose of irony.


I'd wear "The Good Guys Don't Glow At Midnight" as a public service announcement--because some girls don't know this already and this is useful information to have.


I'd wear my Saturday Morning Reruns because Pitchfork's all about being summery and happy, and so's that shirt!


It would have to be "FREAKANAUT" , great summer shirt to wear as well as being a newone to get the word out for Threadless. Love the shirts! Keep up the good work.


I'd wear "Zombie Nomz" due to the inevitable fact that i'll look like one after festival.


id wear goliath.
because id be just like him, joyfully covered in music just as he is covered in little red people.
plus we'd both be rocking some converse


I'd wear "City of Freaks." The nip slip is a great conversation starter.


Going to P4K since it started, there's always a sea of Threadless shirts out there. Some repeaters. But if I were to wear a shirt, it would probably be my very first threadless shirt. Before I even knew who you guys where (and had to look you guys up) It would be "My Pet Human" because it bought it at the Wired Nextfest at Navy Pier just cause i thought it was a cool shirt with a cool design. So it would be more sentimental value of me wearing it. Plus you don't want to be that guy/girl with the band shirt on of the band your seeing. Or that guy/girl with their overly cleaver self referential shirt on either. So I think "My Pet Human" is a good choice for such an event. Because robots and humans alike just want to listen.


I'd wear the "Spiritual Symphony" so I can hear all the music in my mind, body, and soul.


I would rock "Golden Afternoon" because Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll would make for a golden afternoon at Pitchfork.


" Bye Bye Apocalypse" because it is an awesome design that I think represents myself and Pitchfork with its deadly romantic style that shouts out rock, fun, death, and life. Loving how it represents the human condition.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Cat On A Skateboard would be my t-shirt date because nobody can mess with a cat when its zipping past on a skateboard....except for maybe a Jesus Lizard.


Gangway, scurvy swabs!

I would wear the Undercover Pirate shirt!

At any given time, all over the world, Undercover Pirates are among us, behaving normally to make a paycheck. They wear a contact in one eye, detatch the ruffles from their Brooks Brothers dress shirts, and replace their swords with iPhones.

Undercover Pirates love Pitchfork Music Festival. They can loosen their ties, adorn their ears with gold earrings, and leave their briefcases at home to engage in squalor of all sorts. There'll be plenty of booty, wenches, and grub.

No promises they'll be civil. But they'll be there.

Even if you can't see them.



i would go with the "The Communist Party " shirt. Because no one throw a party like the communists do. Marx could drink like nobody's business


"A City Built on Rock and Roll would be Structurally Unsound"

I think it brings much needed attention that relying on Rock and Roll as a city's structural foundation can be complicated and risky. A city founded in the bed rock of a diverse musical experience is essential.


i would totally wear the Rock Out With Your Cock Out tee shirt, hands down. That tee shirt was meant for rocking and rocking is whats its gonna do. . id wear that shirt to rock out and to look kick ass.


I'd wear my "Rock is dead... paper killed it" hoodie over my T-Minus shirt because it might get cold and because the orange would make me stand out and not get totally lost. I also think wearing that hoodie would get me a lot of Rock, Paper, Scissors requests!


I would wear sea beard as I wish I could grow an indie beard as impressive as that. Since I can't grow something as impressive as that at least I have a shirt to show off to Doug Martsch!


I'd wear the Zombies only want you for your brain because it's so so true. ;)


The VIP tickets are 3 day, right? If so, I'd wear Splatter in D Minor (http://www.threadless.com/product/1045/Splatter_In_D_Minor) for the first day as this is a great concert shirt- its my go to for most concerts.
The second day would be I Listen to Bands That Don't Even Exist Yet (http://www.threadless.com/product/917/I_listen_to_bands_that_don_t_even_exist_yet). Its a great shirt and great for indie shows or indie towns. It'd be perfect for Pitchfork.
Final day I'd have to go with Now That's Dope (http://www.threadless.com/product/1053/Now_That_s_Dope). Another great music shirt and its just so much fun!!


"That Old Movie Magic"

Because then I can walk around the festival and pretend I am at the wrong place all day long. I could bring my 8mm camera, a director chair and my Criterion Collection Checklist (I've got all but 9!)

Then, I'd act all surprised that instead of screens and dark rooms there are stages, real people and lots of sun.

How droll!


YEAH! Attitude. Its just such a positive tshirt. And isn't that reason good enough?


id wear "father grows best," and it would be totes ironic because i am not a father. and then id fit in with all the other ironic people and not shave or bathe for 3 days. and id stew in my own juices of self satisfaction and sweat and be lauded by everyone i met. although they would not laud out loud- they would give furtive looks which i would decode as approval. and id go around saying things like, "the national are soooo overated," and "i was listening to the pains of being pure at heart years ago. it would be a hoot.



I''d wear "if you find me dead, make it look like I was doing something cool" because its a music festival and you should be enjoying it to the greatest amount possible. And if you so happen to party till death..........


"Infinity MPG" is the shirt for me!

Not only does this design represent the mode of transport that I, and hopefully every "green" one of us will be taking to and from the festival, but, it's also dark enough to disguise all of the booze, ketchup, mustard, relish, filth, and other goodies that i'll likely manage to spill all over myself throughout the course of the kick-ass festival madness!

Was that a run-on?



Friday, I would wear PARTY ANIMAL to kickoff the p4k fest on a rockin' good foot. (yo la tengo

Saturday, I would wear BEAUTY BEFORE DEATH, partly just because I love this tee, partly because beauty is music, partly because I should wear my fave tee as I listen to my fave band (Beirut). Late in the evening, as the fun fest really got wild, I would slip into LEADER and show everyone how to have a great time.

Sunday is psychedelic. I would wear ELECTRIC SKY and boogie like crazy to the flaming lips, grizz bear, and blitzen trapper.



I would wear the "Super Mega Fun" shirt because ice cream is cool, which also describes Pitchfork Fest. Plus, it makes me look indie and I can fit into the crowd.


I'd wear my red MP3 tee. Why? Because how much more fitting could a tee be than that one when worn at a music fest like PFORK where we will all be annihilated by the sweet sweet sounds of that stellar lineup?!

Ok, so I answered a question with a question... please don't hold it against me! Cheers and aI hope to be lucky enough to see you there!


I would wear

for obvious reasons (I'll be dancing like a maniac the entire time) until it got soaked in sweat at which point I would switch to

because it says "pop" with its eyes and that would be ironic at pitchfork but not really because there is so much pop there now so the irony would be ironic so... meta-irony? All from a t-shirt.

It would be so excellent if you picked me. I'm from the Chicago area and have never gone...



I'm sure tons of people already said this, but "I Listen to Bands that Don't Exist Yet" seems appropriate, both because some of the crowd will recognize it and its coolness and because some of them won't and will be the target of the joke.


I'd wear my fashion faux pas shirt because we all know the true faux pas is to wear the shirt of the band playing.


Friday: friday, I'm in love [if I won, I would be even more in love with Threadless!]
Saturday: the drummer [I always fall for the drummer]
Sunday: music snob [yes, I am]

extra, just in case one gets too hot, sweaty, or spilled upon: grandpa cassette


Indie music festivals need snarky shirts, especially big type ones. That's why I think the "I supplement my personality with witty shirts" will do just fiiiiiiiine :)


i'd most likely wear THE DARK SIDE OF THE GARDEN tee, cause it's pretty vintage threadless, and vintage is always hip, plus I love star wars and everyone i see should know that.


UM, I'd wear Mr. Mittens' Big Adventure because not only is it the most ridiculously awesome shirt ever, but also because some electro imagery is needed to counter the absurd amount of neo-folk exhibited at Pitchfork.


My drummer helped me.
Count the syllables.
In this haiku.

Obviously, I will be wearing "The Drummer" with high hopes that the drummers at Pitchfork will be able to keep a beat better than my drummer :)


I'd wear "I listen to bands that don't even exist yet." Because I had no clue who some of the bands on the festival were. BUT I'm dying to see Flaming Lips and M83!


i'd definitely rock the "refresh your ego" tee all three days. let's be honest with oursleves guys, were all pitchfork worshiping hipsters, and our egos are huge. were not afraid to listen to indie artists, and we want to make sure you know we listened to them before anyone. matt & kim, grizzly bear, wavves? i fking discovered those bands motherfker.

what ego? i dont have an ego...

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