Wanna be a VIP? Tell us the TEE!

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Jul 09, 2009

We are giving away TWO PAIRS of VIP passes to the Pitchfork Music Fest right here in this very blog! How do you get em? It's as simple as this...

Tell us which Threadless tee you'd wear to the fest and why!

Perhaps it's in tribute to one of the bands playing? Perhaps it's because you just want to show off a cool tee? Perhaps it's a general music festival message? Let us know!

We will pick TWO commenters below that hit both points (what tee? why?) and give each a PAIR OF VIP passes!!! Thanks everyone for commenting! Winners have been contacted!

Good luck!!

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I'd definitely wear "Paint the Town Red" because 1. that's pretty much the goal isn't it? and 2. I'd want to stand out from the sea of witty text on shirts (but really... I own and love half of the abovementioned). Also I'd try to bank on it being old enough that not too many others would be wearing it.


I'd wear "Party Animal," because when you mess with the bull, you get the horns.


I'd wear the "Gay Pride" shirt so Ed Droste would laugh and be my friend :D Doesn't hurt that I'm gay as well...


Hot Chicks on Wolves! Because that shirt is freakin hotttt.


I'd sport my "God Hates Techno" shirt, which could almost be the theme of the festival since they only booked like one techno act.


I would wear 'Real Bear Hugs' are often fatal in honor of Grizzly Bear. The band line up seems to be very animal themed so it's only fitting the shirt be as well.


if i wore 'biggie was right' and people told me they agreed, i might find some good companions to start a commune with. hopefully someone owns a goat.


I would wear "Music Snob" because if I'm ever going to get to hear indie klezmer or death jazz, it's probably going to be at Pitchfork.


I'd wear "In Case of Zombies," because I like to think of myself as a helpful person, and odds of a zombie attack seem likely in such a highly populated area. Regardless, the self-defense tactics shown could be useful. Also, zombies are awesome.


Jorts, cowboy hat and a shirt that simple says,"Moo Moo".


definitely The Drummer. nothing says rock more than a rockin' racoon on drums.


i would wear the "instant pool party" shirt, because it would keep me cool during the hot music scene at Pitchfork.


I'd wear MP(3), because not only was it one of the first of the hundreds of shirts I own, but I think it epitomizes the message of the festival: people putting aside their fighting and uniting to listen to music and rock out.


"Communist Party," it's my concert t of choice more often than not, tends to get some looks/compliments.


I would wear Ben Conrads "Folie A Deux" because it really reminds me of a Jesus Lizard record cover... maybe thats a stretch ( i don't think so though..) but maybe it's because i see Jesus Lizard IN ALL THINGS... BEST BAND EVER and therefore BEST PITCHFORK LINEUP EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'd wear the "Afternoon Delight" tee just so all the ladies would know my intentions right off the bat. Unicorns and rainbows, all day, every day.


I would wear my "What Would Macgyver Do" tee. Just cuz you never know what your gunna do when you drop em, and do your business, and go to roll the roll, and GASP! "what now?"
Just a friendly "food for thought" to all the folks walking around.


I would wear "God Hates Techno" because I feel that it is an intriguing conversation piece.

I imagine myself in the midst of an exciting crowd at Pitchfork, when, all of a sudden, a young child turns to me. He glances at my shirt, and a look of confusion crosses his face. He looks up at me, eyes filled with sadness and says, "But kind sir, how could God possibly hate techno?" I look at him with a knowing smile and say, "Young man, it is not really that God hates techno, it is that God does not understand techno. In this world, it is common for many to dislike what they do not understand. For instance, God does not understand that a bunch of beeps and strange, electronic noises could be considered music."

The child would then smile at me and run off into the crowd, hopeful that he too will one day be able to impart nonsensical wisdom to those around him.

In conclusion, I would wear "God Hates Techno" because it just feels right, like a picnic on a minefield or keeping a lion in the house.


I would start it off on Friday with "If you find me dead, make it look like I was doing something cool," because a.) you never know what might happen and b.) even in death, I wanna fit in.
Saturday I think I'd wear "Night and Day," mostly because it's a pretty kickin' tee, but also to show throughout the day how happy I am to be at Pitchfork!
On Sunday, it would probably be "A city built on rock and roll would be structurally unstable" to warn all those crazy hipsters to take heed as they go back into the world.


I'd wear "Bear Market" .. for Grizzly Bear of course.


I'd wear that delicious Super Mega Fun tee. 'Cause that's all you need at a summer music festival: music and ice-cream!


I would wear Doin My Best" because the opportunity to wear a threadless tee in VIP at the Pitchfork Fest would completely melt my face like a hydrogen bomb of awesome and every band would want to know where I got that shirt. And you know what? I'd tell 'em.


Probably "The Three Ploogs" because Gary Panter is rock. It's a comfy tee. The Three Ploogs are the truest alien power trio. Know it. Be it. eh. stay cool, coolios.


I'd wear my communist party Tee since it is the BEST conversation starter I own. Everyone loves it and if you're a threadless fan it is one of the more famous prints so people who know give you the nod (and perhaps let you cut in the bathroom line). Plus who doesn't want to party in an equal and socialist fashion while enjoying a music fest?!? I know I prefer that I am surrounded by people who are partying at or near my level of party!


"Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes" - festivals are all about either-ors, and one with this solid a lineup is even harder... so after a couple solid days of total sensory input exhaustion when faced with the choice between the Mae Shi or Dj Rupture welll, the only answer is YES!! (also it looks fresh...)


A city built on rock'n'roll would be structurally unsound, because I like to rock out and pun at the same time!


I would wear "Reach for the Stars." This shirt typifies the struggle to make it in the music business. Without the people all the way down at the bottom supporting you from the beginning, you'll never get to the top.


Tough call, but I would wear the TypeTee "The internet was closed so I thought I'd come outside today." Naturally, this would so impress the Pitchfork geekerati that they would send me lots of complimentary tweets on twitter. I'd demurely give all the credit to @threadless.


I'd like "Prey for Me", because not only is it a sick shirt - but it also sums up what I'd like everyone one to do for me in order to get those passes.

Live every week like it's SHARK WEEK!


I would wear "mmmh. Delicious" because it says "I love jelly!" and I get a lot of comments on it. This would mean I can spread the love of Threadless throughout the land!


I would happily wear "Intruder!" to the festival. Why? Because I'm afraid of monsters. Monsters eat people and have no feelings. Monsters have crazy brains. Monsters run up tabs on your credit card when you're drunk at the bar. Monsters think that the George Bush was a fancy president, but he wasn't. Monsters like to paint your skin with iodine then perform strange medical procedures on you. When I was 10, a monster whispered in my ear "You're all alone in the world." I cried for 6 days. But now I'm a well-adjusted adult who wants to attend Pitchfork as a VIP. I promise to consume all beverages with my pinky in the air.


I'd wear "We're on the same level," because at Pitchfork everyone can share together in great music and great company. It's basically just a big group hug.


Since Pitchfork is a three day festival I'd be wearing a different Threadless shirt each day - OF COURSE! What's better than a girl in a Threadless T? A girl in three different Threadless T's three days in a row. Plus, everyone is trying to outdo each other with the most obscure musical T, I'm content w/ being comfy in my skirt and Threadless T.

Friday I'd kick it off with my favorite Threadless T - 'Batman - The Beginning' because I'm a nerd chick and I absolutely love being able to flaunt it (even though it's not musically related it's still super mega amazing)

Saturday I'd be hot in the Zombie Nomz shirt. Srsly - Zombies + LOLCats? It is brain meltingly awesome. Plus, purple is the new black.

Sunday The Face shirt gets to rock faces off. It's simplicity is just too great.

My back up in case it turns into a mud pit like last year's P4k? Robot Dance Party (again, love the purple).



I'd wear The Icecreamator by Heiko Windisch because I wear that same shirt to every concert I go to, and whenever I wear it, I get compliments and people ask me where I got it. I always tell them "Threadless.com my plain-shirted friend". That and my favorite singer started out as an ice cream truck driver.


"I listen to bands that don't even exist yet". I wore that shirt to Warped tour and got lots of comments. Atom Willard from Angles and Airwaves even said that he liked it!


I'd wear "Now That's Dope", because Pitchfork Festival is, in fact, quite dope. See: The Flaming Lips. She Don't Use Jelly may be the epitome of gangster rap (the most dope of genres). Also, hipster/fan points for wearing a shirt picturing a phonograph.


"swinging away" without question as that is how my soul will feel as im wigging out to sundays lineup


I'd wear my Punk Rock Cock shirt because 1) it's an amazing shirt/awesome design, 2) always get compliments on the artwork, & 3) it "fits!"


I'd wear "arctic howl" because it conjures up images of Twilight and there is nothing less hip than a 28 year old man giving an homage to Twilight.


I would totally wear "The Apple Shaving Accident" because it's humorous and sounds like an awesome band name.


Natural Selection. It was the first one I saw on the site. And that is how I roll.


i'd wear "she doesn't even realize" because the gold colour of the tee will help stand out in the crowd, and because maybe i can meet kindred spirits out there, united by love of music and suffering from a tinge of melancholy and heartbreak.


I'd wear "Shakespeare hates your Emo poems." I'm ironic like that.


"I listen to bands that don't even exist yet" because I need an aura of pretentiousness to properly attend Pitchfork. :)


Friday: "Drop It Like Your Clumsy" as a shout out to Built to Spill -- its almost a synonym for the band's name

Saturday: Lim Heng Swee's Pole Vault shirt - because it looks like an Elephant (with a) Gun -- favorite song by Beirut

Sunday: The "Progeny" T-shirt would be appropriate attire for Pitchfork - so I can rep my favorite instrument (the Keytar) and attract fellow Key-Tar fans.


I would wear B.F.F. (Best Friends Forever) because it send a good message (that anyone can get along) and i think everyone needs a little hilarity in their life. :)


Sticks of Shame, because PitchChopstick doesn't sound indie enough.


Friday: I'd wear, "I wanna Dance", because fuck it, i came to dance.
Saturday: I'd wear, "The Communist Party" because I'm obviously a communist, and I'm going to party.
Sunday: I'd probably have to wear, "Corporate Zombie" just because its my favorite and its anti capitalism.


I'd wear "Doin' my Best," because it's on sale for only 9 bucks, and best represents my outlook on life at the moment. Got laid off from my job + going back to graduate school = why I can't afford to buy full-price shirts or tix to the Pitchfork fest in the first place.


I would wear The Stepping Stone.
The little kid at the top of the tee = everyone's inner child. Definitely necessary. At all times.
And the giant serpent creature at the bottom? Hardcore craziness that feeds on your inner child. Just like a music fest. :)

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