• by crypha
  • posted Jul 08, 2009

ok so this is a character that ive had for a while and now i think i need to put it on a shirt! im in the process of coloring it right now..i just want to see what u guys think of the illustration...i think i will add clouds or sumthing...i feel its missing something..also i think the positioning is abit awkward? maybe not not sure? let me know what u think?

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ok so this is a character that ive had for a while and now i think i need to put it on a shirt! im in the process of coloring it right now..i just want to see what u guys think of the illustration...i think i will add clouds or sumthing...i feel its missing something..also i think the positioning is abit awkward? maybe not not sure? let me know what u think?


Wow, your illustration is sooooo great! I love it!
As you say, it could be cool to have a background (as clouds), maybe some colours too even if I love your black and white version...
Maybe add some reins as for a horse as it would fit better with your character position.

Can you please vote on my design??


yeah i think i was going to add them but forgot...i think i will tho! b&w is a bit boring atm so will update when colors are done + bg are done!

cheers for the feedback!!


Yeah, that's a nice illo, maybe think of adding a sun or moon in the background for a sense of perspective? Clouds could do the trick too, I just find it impossible to draw them convincingly.


ok added some color ...i like the feel to it but still a bit of work needed ...still havent added the reins cuz i just spent ages vectorizing it.! not sure why it looks so dull on the tee? anywho let me know what u guys think.! cheers


i'd be quite happy for that to print as is. Good work on the clouds.

wowrainbows profile pic Alumni

nice line work! looks really nice!
the wings are very well done. Maybe add more detail to the clouds?


hahah yeah so do i...i was think of maybe letting him hold a stearing just the wheel..thought that could be a laugh...cheers for the feedback!


yeah your right...the clouds need a little more detail..will get on to it


You could try making some feathers that are not close to the lineart with just the darker blue (no line).

hisartwork profile pic Alumni

cute and great style.. i kind of like the simple clouds... the boy looks like he should be holding a leash or somehting, like hes pulling the birds head back....


wow so cute! i'll get it but i'll like the bird to be a little bit more detailed for it to be more focused


I love it! :D


The claws and the leash would really improve the illustration. Good stuff here.


hey guys thanks for the feedback..i will def be adding reigns/a leash to it and as for the really not sure why i didnt add them hahaha...but i will to see how it looks..i never actually realized till u guys pointed it out..


My first reaction: WOOW! :D Nice colors and cool clouds.
I love it! :D

Yuhki Demers Design

i think if you add some reins and some feet to the bird you're good to go. i like the color and i really like your line quality


yeah not sure bout the bg/shirt colour...any suggestions?


i think reins aren't necessary since he doesn't look like hte kind of character that would need reins on a bluebird (i'm sure they're buddies) but he does look like he is holding reins.

very nice without them though.


ahh will beat me to it i see


This almost ready in my opinion. form and linewise nothing has to be changed.
I would only change the shadow on the belly of the bird. And try to make it work with 1 or two colors less.
The dark red is the easiest to remove, you can replace it with the dark bleu. If it looks awfull you could make a halftone with the dark brown over the light red. the shades in the face are a good use of the tee.
But the light color in the face could have more use by using it as small highlights or something on the rest of the piece.

But know I'm searching like hell. Maybe it's just better to keep it simple, than I would say submit. ;)
can you crit mine?

Red Earth

Wow this is great. The colours are fantastic, a big improvement on version 1. I agree with the comments above, claws and reigns need to be added i think. If the reigns dont look right then you can always get rid of them and go back to an earlier version. I think the clouds are perfect as they are, i wouldnt change them, but i'd like to see a slightly darker tee mabye. Great illu though, good work.

please crit mine


I think it's really cute. I think claws on the bird would help. Seeing it on the tee makes me think you should look at other background colours?


clouds should cover the bottom half of the tee aswell, will help it sit on the shirt


I like the clouds simple, since they don't draw too much attention away from the main picture


ok here is my next version...i added a darker background colour..still not sure tho :s?? added the reigns but the claws looked awful and i know it may sound weird but i don tthink i ever intended for claws to be added ..the clouds i reworked a little and it took me ages to get them in a position that looks natural..i still think there is sumthing weird about them? maybe cuz if been looking at it for so long tho...i will probably make the clouds continue to the bottom of the tee as well.. let me know what u think! cheers


aaahh ive been looking at it for so long the colours look wack to me now!!! hahaha


Beautiful design crypha!

I really like the clouds. One thing though- the tiny cloud on the left looks like a mirror image of the tiny cloud on the right.... maybe individualize those two clouds more?

Could you critique my new collab design? Thanks!

Jebs profile pic Alumni

wow, i love the style and colours, and i also love the idea. It is prtty nice on tee shirt. A minor thing is the rope, it should be bended, not so soft, that would put emphasis on the fact that he rides the bird, and would give more movement. Sorry for my english, i usually don't write exactly what i want to say.

good luck, i really dig it


damn haha yeah they are a mirror image...i will make sure i individualize each cloud in the final version..still not sure on the colours tho.


hey jebs thanks for the feed back....but im not to sure what you mean by the ropes being "bended, not so soft"?


bump..anymore feedback peoples?

Ars Fera

This is great! I like the colors and the placement. Good job!
I'm not sure about those little lines coming off of the clouds though.. but that could just be your style with clouds :) And the boots on the little guy riding the bird look sorta odd.. maybe make them look like he's wearing a little bear costume so he's got red rounded feet? That could also be just me and my personal preferences though..
Other than that I think this is ready for subbing!
And if you're not busy, a comment on my first submission would be much appreciated!


Awesome work on the wings....just going to echo earlier possibility that it might be worth adding th bird's legs in. Those could help accentuate whatever pose you're going aftewr, whether it's rearing back from danger, or flying swiftly onwards. The little guy looks startled, so I've kind of been reading it as the former, but no way to know fo' sho'. Autrefois, definitely sub-reddy.

I shall shamefully pimp my critique's latest concept change here for feedback, though I am unworthy


ok probably my final version...added more detail to the bird and the little guy...only
change i will make will be to add the claws as most have mentioned..apart from the claws what do you guys think?


Honest opinion is that you've over-designed it a bit now with all the details added to the bird. Makes it look a lot grittier (even a bit diseased), which is almost too much of a contrast with the childlike, fantasy-esque rider. While I like the clouds, I think bringing them that far down and upsizing the overall picture just makes it take up too much shirt.

Personally, I think you had it perfect last time round, excepting maybe the addition of the claws, which you say you're working on, so yay!


i think it looks nice diseased

perfect ant

I agree with looks a little overdetailed. Honestly, I think you had it at v2. The lighter sky gives it a Dr. Seuss type-feel while the bird's eyes tell you something less innocent. And no reins...helps build the uncertainty.

mreisel profile pic Alumni

I would work on the tail feathers, give it more of a tail shape and add some legs curled up under the bird. I really like it though.

Jebs profile pic Alumni

i don(t see what could be developped here, that seems perfect for me, all those details you added are a great move, makes it even more beautiful.

just something i am not sure, is the add of clouds in the tee shirt templates, especially at the bottom. It makes the tee shirt maybe too busy...maybe you could try the same placement but remove the few clouds on the bottom?

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