Fix the Critiquing Section!

I have a Problem with the Threadless Critique system
critique screenshot
Bascially, it's fine, but the thing is, it would be so much better if you had the option to change the title of the crit, and change the icon, when you were submitting a new version. it would just make the process so much easier going from crit to submission. that way i could update the title, change the icon, and use the "push this version into the running" function, without having an out of date title and an old icon.

it just makes sense right? is there anyone who agrees with me?

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Hey Jake - I saw your critique Who needs toys? and I thought you might be interested in a study I'm doing:

Posted a critique? Does feedback improve designs?

Just to provide a brief explanation. I'm trying to see how feedback influences the development of ideas (in this case design). So, when you sign up, I'll send you a brief personality survey and then I'll gather your critique data and see how it all works together via the magic of statistics. Everyone that signs up will get a free personality profile and be entered in a raffle to win an iPod.


I would like to be able to change the icon and title before submit... but I think it's good to stick with them through critiques because the icons (however inaccurate) are how I remember which designs I'm following on the crit page.

But having to keep them if you push it into the running from the crit page is problematic, especially if you're starting with a sketch, or made other substantial changes. The titles become similarly problematic for scoring - I know for me I can read the title and think about it and decide what I hope it will be before the image loads. An inaccurate title can mean a great design is a let-down because it doesn't live up to the title which worked 8 versions ago.


I would welcome this feature - about to put something into the running, and the centrepiece has changed colours since version 1!


I agree. I think changing the title and gif would really help the critiques section. I also think that there should be an option to hide a critique from public viewing, especially if it's one you've already made into a t-shirt or perhaps want to leave to sleep for a while. Hiding the critique would pretend others stealing the idea and "refresh" the other critiques that are currently being used.


I totally agree. I was just trying to change my title and push it straight through from the critique, but it looks like that's not possible. I guess I have to submit from scratch, huh?
Seems like a title change option would be an easy thing for them to add. And might as well offer a new icon option as well.


submit from scratch? All you have to do is just re-upload the same file you wanted to push through from the crits.

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