• by MKcmyk
  • posted Jul 06, 2009

just a start ..

what do u think about the concept and the illustration...

Watch this

just a start ..
what do u think about the concept and the illustration...


like v2 more what do u think ...???


The first one was definitely grating in RGB. This one is subtle. I like it.


so stick with v2 ???


Feedback ???




the word maze really jumps out, would look cook on a tshirt i reckon, i reckon try some different colour variations before you send it in.


I didn't see the text until I read the above comment. I wonder how well it will come out on a shirt. Cool idea though.


just a start ..

what do u think about the concept and the illustration...


what do u think about mouse and cheese placement ...
Is the text clear enough ...


i thought the first version was really cool!




I like v2. This is also cool, though. Use only two colors, I think it adds a neat effect.


which one, v3 or v2 is better ...
any suggestions about colors ...


v3 or v4 ....


Think about putting mouse and cheese on v1 as is on v4? I think it would be better, otherwise either v1 or v4 or both for me.




i like v3 better than v4. But the mouse and cheese are still good ideas. like i had said before, use only two colors, so that would make grey cheese and mouse.


plz give it score out of 5 ...
Text clear enough ???

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i like the MAZE itself... im not sure if "I" would wear a slice of cheese on my shirt... and the text is pretty hard to read.. but i think i like it that way...(i think the middle line in the "M" is getting lost)...
the rat looks really good too!, just id probably like it better wihtout the cheese and mouse... maybe...

anyways 4 out of 5

care taking a look at mine?
Pessimus Prime

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theres text? lol... also lower the saturation of the yellow on the cheese. as of now.. 2/5


Had to go back to the first version to find the text.
Had to also try not to focus on the shirt, and then it popped out.

How about redefining the entire center void space as a block of cheese?
The cheese shape isn't playing well with the maze shapes/


may be if i changed tee color to black as in V3 ...

Ars Fera

This is clever! I love the cheese and the little rat on the back. Very nice :)
Yes! Play around with colors! Black would look very cool I think. But other than that, this is ready I think. Awesome job :)
And if you're not too busy, a comment for my first submission would be very much appreciatied!

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I'm a bit late to this critique but I'll throw in my 2ยข in and see if it helps. I think you have 2 concepts here. One is the word "MAZE" hidden in the geometrical design and the other is the cheese and mouse maze. Personally, I think they're both good ideas but maybe should be 2 different ones rather than combining them.

Belt printing is really bad when it comes to registration, so threadless says it should be 1 color, at most 2, if the colors are not in close proximity. The "MAZE" within the maze would work in one color and would be very cool as long as the viewer can discern the hidden message, otherwise it's just a pattern. I really like the mouse and cheese but I think they would work best if they were both on the front of the tee. You would then, under the 2 color limit, have the maze color and one other to fool with. You could probably do it with the one color, making the mouse/rat in a solid color and the cheese in an outline with swiss cheese outlines. Anyway, very cool concept(s). Cheers!


Awesome! :D Submit!

help out with my design please :)


great work...... i liked it very much.


thnks guys .. very helpful ...


i think you should change the M A Z E to maybe a shade or two darker than the lines color, because it's really difficult to read otherwise. but i like it :D


the thing about M A Z E being difficult to read,
Is it a bad thing ???
I think the irony of it what makes it more interesting...
This is maze which is difficult to read ...
if u know what I mean ..

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You are right. That's makes it more interesting.. If you can't read M A Z E, you still got the concept. I think it's ready dude.


thnks man .. finally someone gets it ...


nice work with lines ... think black on dark gray would look better .. ...


thnks guys, I did submit this version ...


Maze is really amazing perfect that my comment,,, u rocks ;-)

Please also check my design and comment i m new here so neeed your help

Perfect night!!



Submit it. Don't see the text though but it doesn't matter because the message is clear.


I agree about the colors, and the words should be more readable, still its a great idea.

Please feedback

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