EwOkAtHoN '09 - Arrival/Departure Blog

Just so Alex's blog doesn't get too bloated. When are you setting foot on Chicago soil and when are you waving goodbye to it? This goes for drivers, too.

Arrival : Sept 11, 1:25PM
Departure : Sept 14 3:35PM

Driving in Sept. 10, evening
Driving out Sept. 13, whenever he feels like it

Arrival: Thursday evening
Departure: Monday afternoon

Pill Lip
Arrival : Sept 10, 2:25PM, at O'Hare
Departure : Sept 14 5:15PM, from O'Hare

Ryder Revolution and westicles and colinmurphy
Arrival: Sept 11, 2:50PM, at Midway
Departure: Sept 14, 5:05PM, from Midway

shakethesheets and Todow
Arrival: Sept 10, 4:30 PM, at Midway
Depart: Sept 14, 12:30 PM, from Midway

Arrival: Sept 11, 12:20 PM, at O'Hare
Depart: Sept 14, 1:50 PM, from O'Hare

LorDe Oge and boys beam pewpew
Arrival: Sept 11, 5:42 PM, at O'Hare
Depart: Sept 14, 2:10 PM, from O'Hare

stinky fresh, Phiffer, NomadSlim, GinGin, and maybe thunderpeel
Be taking the bus, arriving at Union Station Sept. 11, 12:40 PM
Leaving Sept 14, 4:45PM

Arriving Sept 11, afternoon
Departing Sept 13, at some time

courtney's pie
Arrival: Sept 12, 4:51 PM, O'Hare
Depart: Sept 14, 5:45 PM, O'Hare

Andy Hornblower
Arrival : Sept 10, 3:35PM, at O'Hare
Departure : Sept 14 10:45AM, from O'Hare

He'll be around on Saturday

Arrival: Sept 11, 9:20 AM, at O'Hare
Departure: Sept. 13, 7:50 PM, from O'Hare

Arrival: Sept 11, 7:55 PM, at Midway
Departure: Sept 13, 8:30 AM, from Midway

The Artist Formerly Known as DJ Geodude Formerly Known as Omair aka Serial Illah
Arrival: Sept 10, 12:45 PM, at O'Hare
Departure: Sept 14, 9:35 AM, from O'Hare

Arrival: Sept 10, 1:30PM, at Midway
Departure: Sept 15, 11:00AM, from Midway

Wells "kevinwells" Kevin
Arrival: Sept 11, 9:30AM, at O'Hare
Departure: Sept 14 , 8:30PM, from O'Hare

Arrival: Sept. 11 at 1:30pm at Midway
Departure: Sept. 14 at 2:25pm from Midway

Arrival: Sept. 11, 10AM, at Chicago Greyhound Station
Departure: Sept 13th, some time

je t'approve
Arrival: Sept. 11, 6:50pm, at O'Hare
Departure: Sept. 13, 9:05pm, from O'Hare

Arrival: Sept. 10, 7:19PM, at O'Hare
Departure: Sept. 14, 6:55 AM, from O'Hare

Arrival: Sept 12, noon
Departure: forever and ever

Arrival: Sept. 11, 1:55, at O'Hare
Departure: Sept. 14, 3:10, from O'Hare

Arrival : Sept 11, 1:25PM, at Midway
Departure : Sept 14 9:30am, from Midway

Arrival: Sept. 10, 6:30, at O'Hare
Departure: Sept. 14, 11:30AM, from O'Hare

Jay-stump and Ay-beadles
Arrival: Thursday night, Sept. 10
Departure: Some time Sunday, Sept. 13

Arrival: Sept. 11, 10:00AM, Chicago Greyhound Station
Departure: Sept. 16, 10:35 AM

Arrival: Sept. 10, 9:50 PM
Departure: Sept 14, noontime

Arrival: Sept 10, 11:00 PM, at O'Hare
Departure: Sept 14, 8:50 AM, from O'Hare

Arrival: Sept. 10, 12:25 PM, at O'Hare
Departure: Sept. 14, 8:00 PM, from O'Hare

Arrival: Sept. 11, 7:45 PM, via the MEGABUSSS
Departure: Sept. 13, 11:00 AM, also via the MEGABUSSS

Alex's unofficial official meetup blog

Hotel blog

Official RSVP blog

The Bloggeraiser blog

arrivals in order, for those who might want to see such things:

alwin – 12:25 PM, O'Hare
Omair – 12:45 PM, O'Hare
ladykate – 1:30PM, Midway
phil hip – 2:25PM, O'Hare
Andy Hornblower – 3:35PM, O'Hare
beccasheets & todowtyler – 4:30 PM, Midway
Priscillaandvellum – 7:19PM, O'Hare
Torakamikaze & Sonmi – evening, driving
Jay-stump and Ay-beadles - Night

Annaomega – 9:20 AM, O'Hare
Wells "kevinwells" Kevin – 9:30AM, O'Hare
Haya – 10AM, Chicago Greyhound Station
Samolie - 10AM, Chicago Greyhound Station
professorEthan – 12:20 PM O'Hare
stinky fresh, Phiffer, NomadSlim, GinGin, maybe thunderpeel – 12:40 PM, Union Station (bus)
Maltzman – 1:25PM
Geoffreyj – 1:25PM, Midway
tracerBrianullet – 1:30pm, Midway
FRICKINEVAN – 1:55, O'Hare
Ryder Revolution, westicles, colinmurphy – 2:50PM, Midway
mark722 – afternoon
LordOg & boys beam priscillapop – 5:42 PM, O'Hare
je t'approve – 6:50pm, O'Hare
iRandy – 7:55 PM, at Midway

alexmdc – will be around
WallsReallyWork – noon
courtney's pie – 4:51 PM, O'Hare

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I just realized I would be a complete dick if I went to that. My dad's birthday is the 11th and my mom's is the 17th so I bet that's the weekend we'll celebrate.

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

Rick Moranis?


My brother's birthday is the 14th, but I'll probably be back in time to get jiggy with it.


Because Rick Moranis makes things happens.



Torakamikaze profile pic Alumni

Ill be drivin

probably be comin down in the evening of the 10th

then heading back whenever my little heart desires on the 13th


Boo, courtney. :(

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

He's the keymaster


He also shrinks shit.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

i like this blog right now...because it looks like just Steve and I are going on a romantic adventure.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

i'll bring the helper monkey

courtney pie

i expect pictures from this romantic get away

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

you won't need the padlock vest to protect your heart, since you already have the key to mine

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

a hotel blog needs to happen so i can figure out if i'm going


I feel the love in this blog.

Yeah, that too, Brian. This is as far as my organizational skills are going to take me.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Someone finger Festa's beard for me.

pilihp profile pic Alumni

i hope stebe goes. i heard stebe has a sexy voice and i want to experience his voice in person.


I'll finger Festa's something, all right.


Bump because I'm sure Maltz and Tora aren't the only ones going.


If by "mindmeld" you mean you stroked Steve's legs, I did that too. So it's like I'm there twice. 2Alvins1Chicago.


You mean his penis?


Man, it must be one hell of a summer.


I might be able to trade living in an apartment for this.
(the apartment situation is iffy right now)


Isn't living in an apartment slightly more important than this?

I mean...nothing is more important than the Threadless Chicago Meetup!!!


my dad's been guilt tripping me into staying home...so i'm not sure. :-/

spacesick 2

if I go, you ladies have to promise that you'll keep your grubby mitts to yourself. I know I look big and strong, but I'm not a piece of meat.


Does this go for us dudes too?


boysbeambitious on Jul 03 '09 at 2:09am
my dad's been guilt tripping me into staying home...so i'm not sure. :-/

That almost assuredly means you should get a place of your own but that's just me. I can understand if there are money difficulties but being around parents all the time can be taxing.

spacesick 2

don't be ridiculous! threadless men have the gentle touch of a warm spring rain, or any number of zach braff commercial voiceover characters.


That's usually the plan, Ryder, but no one has worked out hotel stuff yet. I really don't have the organizational skills to handle all of it.

spacesick 2

arf arf! dogs using toilet paper? now I've seen everything!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

let's all sleep in the stomach of the Tauntaun!


Holy cow! When did they come out with those figures?

And judging by the list so far, it's still only Dan and Steve, so there would still be enough room in the tauntaun for a minifridge and a foozball table.

spacesick 2

guys and dolls! we're just a bunch of crazy guys and dolls!


I'll bring my X-wing!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

haha simpsons musical parodies for the wolf. the epic wolf.


I think I might too. You were right, tickets are cheaper on Tuesday for some reason.

pilihp profile pic Alumni

i bought my tickets. both for O'Hare.

Arrival : Sept 10, 2:25PM
Departure : Sept 14 5:15PM

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni


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