Eve Dreaming

  • by feanne
  • posted Jun 26, 2009

Deep sleep.

Watch this

I like the Illustration. Is it a selfportrait? She looks like the picture you have ; )


this is ready girl! play with the tee colors and chose the best suiting.. i wud stick with these warm colors (can be reddish like on ur link)
submit it!

can u pls check it out?


this is really beautiful :) I dont really like how the hands/feet are cut off though...

please crit mine if you can? here

S. emily

This is really lovely, I too think the hand and feet would be worth including. Also the flower on the breast nearest the edge of the t-shirt, maybe try giving it a stem? Beautiful work!

if you get a chance would you score my design? It's called Worlding Another


I like the illustrative quality of it. However, the drawing looks very akward cutting her off at the wrists and toes. Typically when you see a pose like that it makes someone think, "Oh, that person can't draw hands or feet" because that it a typical way to disguise that fact. However, the rest of the drawing indicates to me should you SHOULD be able to draw hands and feet.

That is all. Otherwise, I really like it.

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