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  • by snake1984
  • posted Jun 11, 2009

Hello :] Tell me what do you think. Thanks

Watch this
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Hello :] Tell me what do you think. Thanks


Instead of having 4 alien babies you could have just the one playing with the globe thing. I think that would be enough.


thx..funny..I have two versions and one of them is just one alien.
I put that on as well.


Very well done!
I would wear this.


hey thanks:] appreciate it:]


thanks very much.
what do u think about other background colors?


thanks :]]] I try to get that on Tshirt as well so you can imagine how it looks.


Nice! Maybe a little more on the yo-yo - they have those grooves that are a really helpful visual cue.

The alien is fantastic. I would buy this if my kids were boys.

Mind giving me some feedback? Raining Elephants


:] thanks you everybody, guess its much more clear if its just one alien and no more like the first version.


much better than the 1st one, good work


thanks for feedback. sometimes you dont see if working on it long time


Yep the alien is cool. Can't really tell it is a yo yo. The grooves would help.

snake1984 wasnt really ment as a yoyo in the first place, it was ment
as crazy toy on the rope or wire or something like that. but maybe it should be improved?


I like it. 2nd version is better. I think the earth should be more toy-like, shiny maybe, and more rounded. The idea is great.


thanks for comments everyone.appreciate it:]


haha dude this is aesome!! Sub it!!!
thanks for your comments!!


well.haha its an alien so its different than us:]


Very cool idea, nice illustration. The colors are great

Ars Fera

Thanks for the comment!
I didn't catch on that it was a yoyo.. I would definitely add some grooves as previously suggested. But that's all that I can really find fault with, otherwise this is perfect, awesome job!


haha love this guy! amazing :) kinda miss all the other little guys, but i think it could be great for a front/back or wraparound with the other guys elsewhere? idk but looks good :)

also, have a look at mine :) critique


Looks great. Fantastic idea. Like some of the others couldn't tell it was child's toy though.


thanks for comments everyone,Im working on the other version.


another version...tried to make that loke more like a yoyo..hope its better
please comment a tell me....thx


This is good, I really like the art. I guess to suggest something, maybe a slightly darker shadow on the far side of the yo-yo and maybe a bigger loop around the finger?

Also, could you please check out another of my designs:
Don't wanna die lonely


Agree about the loop, and I don't think it looks like a yoyo yet...its better than the older versions but I think the perspective is a little off. How are you going to place it on the shirt?

Fugas Caramba

thanks for comment!!! (by the way my my english is awful)
love the concept ,, 1,I would try to include more shades in the yoyo, 2, i'm not shure in the colours of the continents, maybe a green color looks better on it

peace by!


I think it looks great. Maybe you could add highlights on the yoyo?


Cool style!! You could improve shade on yoyo and make it more realistic!


Thanks for commenting on mine!

I really like your illustration style. cool idea!


Thanks for commenting on mine!

I really like your illustration style. cool idea!


hello:] so here is another version of alien, I improved the logo.
what do you think?? thanks for comments


Improved the yoyo I ment:]


Very interesting concept, I like this version of the 'earth toy' the best. Maybe give the eyes a bit more definition/emotion? The pacifier design is a nice touch.


Hi there!

I think the concept is good.

At this stage though, the toy can be mistaken for just another normal toy with an earth print on it. So to remedy that, maybe add some small stars around the scene, just so that there is an impression of the alien being in space and the yoyo being the actual earth we are in.

Oops sorry for the long comment (you don't have to follow my suggestion btw), keep it up! :)


thanks for comment appreciate it


I like the skin texture :P


Wow, i really like the concept of this :) I too feel you should add some detail to show it is the real worl, not just a toy, like stars, or the moon that sort of thing. :)


great thanks..I was thinking about stars,I just wasnt sure If its not gonna be too much


yea, I also would stick with a navy blue tee, sub it, its awesome


I like the idea. It reminds me of the End of Men in Black when the alien was playing with the marbles. I disagree with Agent Dick though. I would add stars. Not white though. Maybe one of the blue shades you have going on.

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