Hot Diggity Damn

A "HOT" dog...

Let me know what you guys think!

Thanks :)

Watch this

A "HOT" dog...

Let me know what you guys think!

Thanks :)


This is awsome. I love it just as it is.


haha awesome idea and awesome style.. i just think that the borders arent smooth enough.. pentool pls :D


The design is done with the pen tool Ninopolisel. The parts that you see that are not smooth are meant to be that way. :)

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

The stars seem kinda unnecessary to me. This is pretty good overall though.


This is really cute, I love the colors and how it looks really old. Maybe the lips need some shine!


Agree with shesagiant! the lips look too flat.
I like the design but dont like the attempted vintage look with the blotches, it just looks like youve missed bits. But i think the colours youve used look vintage enough without the blotches so you dont loose that feel. Under her knee the edge looks really rough too. But its a great idea just touch it up and youll be ready to submit in no time!

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the ketchup hair idea should be expanded upon, ie more hairishness to it i think =)

the "stars" are pretty cool but dont make awhole lot of sense design wise other than that they look cool. make em fit the theme better if possible.

great idea otherwise. threadless just loves food with faces =)


Classicoke those stars are a vintage design element.


Nice illustration. I like the texture too. Not sure if the sparkles are required though.


I took out the stars and the vintage grunge.

It will pretty much go on any color shirt. :-)


Oh la la. Haha. Have you tried giving the type that same texture?


This is much better, removing the vintage roughness helped a good deal. The condiment on top is nice, maybe a necklace of mustard? That may be too much though...


Should I add the words to the shirt?


Isawa...I made her shoes yellow like mustard :)

Team Ramirez

this is awsome. i like the word with it but, like they said, make it the same texter as the picture


I like it! Words could be good, but the current ones don't really add to it.


The words aren't part of the design. Those are just there for presentation :)


Lol! Make it bigger! Muuuuuch bigger! More texture on the stockings, like fish net or something! But other than that, interesting design!
Edo Crunk! Getcho' Samurap on!


I like it! SO funny.


I like it, but I think she should have eye-pupils, black. It would add to her expression.

Please vote here. Thanks.


I like it, why don't you vectorise it?


love it! bigger would be great.


food pinups? cant go wrong with that!

please help out with mine link text


Hot dog pinup girl - lol - it's great. The shading is beautiful.

You may find getting the image on a real-model-tee will help the design a lot. Go to Flickr and search groups for "Threadless blank tee" and download some of the tee images from there to make your design really special.

I know you said the text is for presentation, and it's good, but maybe go to to find some funkier fonts to reflect the 50's?

Can you critique mine if you get a chance? It's Castles of Sand. I've got yet another new version up - with placement of everything, so this is sorta a critical time for feedback. Please help out? Thanks!


I'd add the words, though maybe a different font and very big/fun. I also think I like the vintage look for the first version a little better. Still, well done illustration!

Please check out my critique


You could also add more ketchup to and really make her look like a redhead. Right now it makes me think more of a red beret.

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auhauhauhauhau! awesome!


I liked the texture before. I think it deffo needs something else. I liked the little stars before too.

Naa to the text.

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