The Perfect Match

  • by fat_lip
  • posted Jun 07, 2009

Watch this

Thoughts, anyone? (:


Hu hu, simple but cute and funny.
Sexy too if we think about it.

Maybe put them at the same level, because the cup is on a lower line.

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Hm, ok. Will do that on the next version, and I'm still deciding on the colors and placement.


Some more comments, somebody?

agrimony profile pic Alumni

id say this needs alot of work. a good idea, if not overused (the whole A loves B thing).

i dont think u need that watermelon? also the hearts could use some work as well. i think with shading and proper placement and details this will look really nice :)

great to see u subbing again.


Well, without a watermelon or anything, then the cup'll look as if it's just a cup of "plain juice". With the watermelon, at least everyone could tell it's watermelon juice.

agrimony profile pic Alumni

o is it supposed to be watermelon juice? i thought that the concept would work fine with any plain juice heh


Gonna rework on it soon. Some more advice?


I agree the the cup would look dull if it didn't have the watermelon on it... but whay a watermelon..? You could replace it with a big red open mouth smile..?

I would also fade out the hearts (not to much) and make them a bit smaller, just so that they don't take over the image...

just had another look, maybe move the hearts up a bit and move the 2 love birds closer together..

Have you thought about placement yet..?

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Hm, agree with you scholtzz dude. Thank you!


it looks nice, but needs more work
as was said it looks a bit empty, i think some shading will do wonders
good luck :)


Updated, version 2. Your thoughts?

Thanks (:


i think have a normal mouth and darker the shadows so they don't blend in too much with the cup and straw colours


jip... i agree @paulgriffin... normal mouth... darken the shadows, but I would also fade them out abit, the don't need to be so obvious...

Is that small half circle on the cup a mouth or nose..? If I look at the straw and compare it, must be the mouth... but the watermelon slice looks more like the mouth...

I see you did move them closer together, looks good..!

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Id suggest not using a watermelon underneath his smile because it makes it hard to decipher which is the smile. maybe write juice above it or else maybe use a different fruit. Also the shadow for the cup looks slightly off.

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the hearts are a bit cheezy too.. sorry.

agrimony profile pic Alumni

why are u using so many shades of grey? i think u can cut down the grey, and make the shadows a darker shade of tee color and not the dark grey now.


That half circle on the cup is the mouth.


Hah ha, sexual inuendo. With the hole and the straw being the, yeah I'm dirty. Maybe if they were ona table with some other common restaurant item admiring their love?


Thanks a lot for your advice, fellas. Will rework on it soon (:


Any other ways to improve the hearts, other than JP designer's suggestion? What do you guys think?


That is funny!
I like the idea.
I don't think that" juice" is needed.
I like the hearts, but I feel like they need a little more style.
They are the standard heart shape, maybe make them asymmetrical, ya know? It is really cute though!

Please crit mine when you get a chance!


Give me a bit more time while I work on this. Thanks guys! (:


it looks like the cup has two mouths.

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