Here's a rough sketch of my idea. It certainly need more work, but I'm wondering if the concept is worth pursuing.

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Here's a rough sketch of my idea. It certainly need more work, but I'm wondering if the concept is worth pursuing.


Definitely, I love the idea.


I'd like to work in a coleman's camp stove in there eventually.

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cool idea this could make a really awesome shirt. This might be a hassle to suggest, but I think the design would work better if the camera was slightly to the left, so you could more clearly see the stonehenge shape of the stacks of stoves.


Clever idea... are you actually going to draw it in the stonehenge arrangement as i think that would help identification!


a new angle and a full circle will probably help, thanks for the sugestions!


Here's a new sketch and more consistent angle, with a full circle of stoves. I'm still not liking the angle, thoughts?


Love this idea! Let see... There are a few angles to work on... But hey, it's looking good, and I wait to see v3.

Please take a look at mine:


Im still thinking you need it to look more like the real thing... real thing obviously not from this angle but perhpas more stovage is needed?


This is a definite improvement from the other sketch. The angles do seem to be off. The whole image right now is sagging on the right as well.

You might want to consider the point of view more level to the ground and flush with the stoves. You would only have to show three sets of stoves and that would defiantly still sell the idea. I think it would look better on a shirt as well. The three sets would line up with the chest on the shirt and the perspective wont get messed up once someone is wearing the shirt.

Just a suggestion, feel free to disregard everything i typed .

This idea is really cool and I look forward to the next version.


very clever.
this would be awesome from eye level looking up.


You might try this angle.
Or this.
They are both lower angle than you were working with, but they are iconic. Almost everyone will recognize the positions of the stones.


im thinking maybe moving the angle a bit more of an over head view then youve got now , but i like the concept :)

also, have a look at mine :) critique


I like it, but why is it stove henge? I think you need that answer in there somewhere... like a joke on women in the kitchen or mass production or something - just an idea!

I'm sure it'll really come together with colour.

Can you critique mine if you get a chance? It's Castles of Sand. I've got yet another new version up - with placement of everything, so this is sorta a critical time for feedback. Please help out? Thanks!


You guys rock, all very excellent suggestions, thanks! I'll be posting a new version within the next day or two.


I'm thinking this is a redneck hillbilly yard. Some of them have tons of old junk piled up.


still a rough sketch. but the angle is looking better, still though, I might push it to an even steeper perspective. But I'm liking the way it's going. Also, these are just sketches. Once I nail down a sketch I'll use it as a guide in Illustrator.


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The angle is much better now.
Maybe something like a fisheye lens angle! How do you like it?!

please, critique mine


I think I'm getting there. Suggestions?


the only problem I see right now is that the top layer of stoves seem to defy gravity.


Love the sketch style. and the old art deco radio being in there. There's definitely a physics problem but I'm not sure i'd worry too much about it.


keep the sketchy style, it fits the feel of the design.
this angle is perfect, can't wait to see it with color.


I love this. I like it even wihout color. This could be one of those awesome one color sketchy tees. Please, try that before you fill it in.

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that radio is actually suppose to be a wood stove. . . I have to make some adjustments.

So no one feels the floating stoves distracting?

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don't think the floating stove distracts, would like to see something quite light in the distance behind the front row


nice idea, i'd like to see it on a model

what do you think of octovision ??


okay, moving on the the final stages. feedback is welcome. I think it's a good entry for the Preloved challenge. Yes?


okay, moving on the the final stages. feedback is welcome. I think it's a good entry for the Preloved challenge. Yes?


Sweet illo, just don't like the tee color think it's a too big contrast to the design, if you put it on a green shirt it wouldn't break of at the bottom and the design would be much better intergrated with the shirt.

If you got time please crit me


niceeee love the idea and illustration, I just would like to see some other color and placement options

please a little help here


Clever idea. I like the stylized look of the stoves. It kind of looks like the stove on the right is floating above the ground, maybe I don't notice the legs enough. Nice perspective, good work.

I'd appreciate your feedback on my first design


Try incorporating the shirt color as a color of ink, like the suggested green or a grey.

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