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  1. JoelRHale

  2. Noh_Body

  3. toopersent

  4. rossmat8

  5. Jeiji

  6. bean12

  7. brentendo

  8. Caleb11

  9. rbthatcher

  10. lunchboxbrain

  11. PuppetMeat

  12. SuperRyan

  13. past_tense_of_draw

  14. colorfool

  15. morningstar1127

  16. stalliongsta

  17. Tikimasters

  18. Rhodescholar

  19. wallstreet

  20. GoodKarmaKid

  21. kashlen


  23. JefAndLaurenRockHarderThanMost

  24. TimScribble

  25. supertrooper74

  26. jaywalkergraphics

  27. sakepok

  28. Sam_Houston

  29. HorsefaceDee

  30. Simpletinrobot

  31. Sparky_the_Wonderboy

  32. MuteJoe

  33. jess4002

  34. bygrinstow

  35. jayrawz

  36. Dr_Mona

  37. poloq

  38. iluvtees

  39. adorablepancreas

  40. Braniel

  41. Exner83

  42. ivejustquitsmoking

  43. spacesick_2

  44. tsco809

  45. BlueLobster

  46. krokun

  47. robot_activist

  48. staffell

  49. SteveOramA

  50. Steelplate

  51. Retroludo

  52. The_Ali

  53. Shim_K

  54. AlexioGibbons

  55. ayearinreview

  56. chancery

  57. EricaTheRed

  58. BenMayhem

  59. flyyeslandno

  60. nopunachieved

  61. goliath72

  62. ZombieToArt

  63. Krimson

  64. stackemtotheheavens

  65. .onion

  66. ryangoestoschool

  67. ucfelix

  68. johntiki

  69. pyko

  70. squintygirl

  71. ofthecoast

  72. pochettejuliano

  73. Ed_Schimmel

  74. evan3

  75. Spam69

  76. lesange

  77. mgill52

  78. LadyEntropy

  79. JeremyCShipp

  80. ewikcartman13

  81. Wonderlove

  82. northerlywind

  83. Stevica

  84. aminozawawi

  85. TTUraider

  86. gtoast99

  87. MissRebecca

  88. Maltzmania

  89. B1ink

  90. randyotter3000

  91. T_Lou

  92. mike_bautista

  93. notquite

  94. NGee

  95. Brightwood

  96. what1

  97. Theres_My_Chippy

  98. greenttentacle

  99. HMC

  100. Y_So_Series

  101. Designs_de_Eclectic

  102. Deimyts

  103. livewithmusic

  104. roobz

  105. mutsu

  106. digsy

  107. Dulcinea27

  108. penandthread

  109. HaloGirl

  110. daggit64

  111. thinkbomb

  112. CazKing

  113. Bonnie76

  114. Soggy_Waffle

  115. ????

  116. altair4444

  117. skagger44

  118. thecarf

  119. directorspence

  120. nootnoot

  121. nathanwpyle_at_gmail_com

  122. Savvyme

  123. Erik3002

  124. brakes

  125. smartkat

  126. TapWater_Battleship

  127. Gingivitism

  128. AllureandVine

  129. Larlar

  130. fredd38

  131. Matthew_Ogram

  132. In_Tongues

  133. JBWell

  134. aeron43

  135. Bio_bot_9000

  136. blitzspeed

  137. clearcut

  138. birdy27

  139. schleb

  140. solister

  141. dbrv11

  142. gerbechno

  143. Switz213

  144. Matrix_Shade

  145. murky78

  146. esile

  147. Kim456

  148. nintechno

  149. ShawnLogan

  150. Niras_Iruag

  151. kittilicks

  152. The_Lakehead

  153. NOMNOM

  154. UptownRob

  155. Mr_Cool

  156. martiandrivein

  157. alexando

  158. saltoalvacio

  159. elerosse

  160. jshepp

  161. theinfamouskh

  162. kcoutu

  163. nessa_havok

  164. Byohazyrd

  165. peachier_keen

  166. courtney_pie

  167. ebreakx

  168. DekuTrash

  169. monkeyslug

  170. frostedlemoncoward

  171. Rambunkcious

  172. hotmeteor

  173. elemenopy

  174. justjack

  175. byUNI

  176. cory1975

  177. Kellogz

  178. thestray

  179. jodabaum

  180. sidepull

  181. Nutrius

  182. robroy05

  183. mizuchaud

  184. jthrasher

  185. Jackanapes_mk_II

  186. The68thDimension

  187. drummerisme

  188. w00lly

  189. threadbec

  190. frauleinkatrina

  191. EagleStrike

  192. aquaduck

  193. monroe20

  194. Bluberry72

  195. eyerz

  196. scao

  197. Snaggletoofer

  198. AccessDenier

  199. Neuroplastcicty

  200. drewfarr

  201. voodazz

  202. psykomakia

  203. jwanderful

  204. saylore

  205. pio1976

  206. lee_klein

  207. toastedcheese86

  208. biotwist

  209. Algi

  210. deboraborialis

  211. just_shut_up

  212. Jynister

  213. Efunk2332

  214. marvie1980

  215. MoogieOBrien

  216. Wendymoon

  217. bcrider

  218. Muk3

  219. killertoothbrush

  220. LeCreator

  221. soloyo

  222. eoin3

  223. thedeetzes

  224. panda99

  225. Ffestra

  226. keeying

  227. HandsomeJake

  228. Heartson

  229. asabling

  230. FunnyMoney

  231. diogenes57

  232. robotwaste

  233. YouThoreauLikeAGirl

  234. robertkarpati

  235. YAISH2

  236. Mountain_Gnome

  237. Manibou.

  238. Supra_Vista

  239. moijejoue

  240. 8randon

  241. isthistaken

  242. Diffaract

  243. orngeturtl

  244. siouxfairy

  245. beckykingston

  246. Ethan722

  247. 69stang

  248. laurastead

  249. Julie_Ocean

  250. mitchellp

  251. timerunning

  252. bornd

  253. thecocojam
    254*. CharlesFesta

  254. DerekNeuland

  255. Einsteinic_Rocket

  256. Dezmoulin

  257. morozinka

  258. j_u_l_i_a

  259. numbsock

  260. jossyboy

  261. Congolia_Breckenridge

  262. atypical69

  263. maiabh

  264. craftyjacket

  265. eskope

  266. Nathaliv

  267. sigur_ros

  268. RobynsWolvesOfNight

  269. Red_Rafael

  270. ChrisDB

  271. scenetk421

  272. addu

  273. tadstick

  274. Boycey

  275. spacelaugh

  276. dirkandries

  277. tasha911

  278. xtiffany

  279. Disgruntled_Pacifist

  280. MadIron

  281. zeppelin_fox

  282. dac101

  283. IvanSaysOh

  284. Lagraphix_Designs

  285. rajmahall

  286. Amory_Morton

  287. livesintheboonies

  288. Jake_Friedman

  289. quick_brown_fox

  290. m_2_designs

  291. Akiga

  292. omarvino

  293. theshrooponodon

  294. quiroz

  295. Lolita_Lace

  296. Jnski

  297. korbana_anna

  298. joelan19

  299. WBFresh

  300. hyuugurt

  301. thirteendaisies

  302. 77degrees

  303. ADevilLogician

  304. ScruffyHerbert

  305. shawncoons

  306. Sonjuhs

  307. Dr_Kittycakes

  308. SenseForPence

  309. postpaper

  310. scottishboy

  311. CrazypantsJones

  312. rjenat12

  313. DismantleDesign

  314. beebej

  315. jonny_debt/slogans

  316. SereneBear

  317. Drewdle

  318. Theo86

  319. Zombie_Abe_Lincoln

  320. Mr aisa

  321. jessedavies

  322. Daniel_Newman

  323. TallBob

  324. miggyzebra

  325. AweAndWonder

  326. poylie

  327. Wylie_Knowords

  328. Ernesto_cam

  329. hootmonkey

  330. potternerds

  331. Olimpus

  332. persiankitten

  333. Shadyjibes

  334. RunningGorgon

  335. robber_ducky

  336. ThePokerWife

  337. KoTsan

  338. chriscross977

  339. penumbrae

  340. salman_rvf

  341. Cosmic Rick

  342. NoReplys

  343. yurilobo

  344. bandy

  345. Mr_MacGuffin

  346. inkdummy

  347. YCee

  348. ashleybrake

  349. harshareddy

  350. suksmo

  351. huy_picca

  352. vectoredlife

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TTUraider profile pic Alumni

Just caught up on your newest tim...really love 'robots' and 'inertia'


Noted Staffell. So it's a prob good idea to do a google before submitting anything! :-)


thanks for the votes blitzpeed...!

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

So it's 3 o'clock in the morning I can either go to sleep now or write some slogans. Tough decision. Somebody give me a topic or a pillow.

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

Alright well submitted a 95 character one to twitter. Creative juices are a little concentrated right now. Guess I'll go to bed.

TimScribble profile pic Alumni

TTU, the theme song slogans are very nice!


hey guys got a couple of new ones up today, not sure if they're up to scratch, head over to my slogans page and see :)


Blitzspeed, you have several good ones. I especially like vegetarians, penny and world domination. I also like "human interaction" but wonder if it would be better in present tense:
I am so not prepared for human interaction today.


Gingi, I like rain, but it might be too sad for Typetees. Funny seems to do better here.


yeah i suspected as much... guess thats just my mood today in rainy ol' britain :(


Love this from puppet meat -

I'm Not Losing, I'm Just Preparing For A Dramatic Comeback.

Gingivitism - love the rain one although I think it would be suited to a song lyric than a slogan.

Halo - go with this one :I'm completely self-motivated. ...What should I do next?


I have this slogan but I'm one character over..Grrr

Any ideas how to shorten this ?:

Dogs Are So Judgemental.They Only Ever See Things In Black & White

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

@ AllureandVine - Voted! Great CAPS slogan!

@ HaloGirl - I really like your apostrophe abuser slogan! Voted!

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

Maybe take out 'ever', David?


Thanks, Spam and SuperRyan.

I agree with SuperRyan; take out "ever".


Thanks Ryan - tried taking other words out and playing around with it but not that for some reason. Cheers.


okay - subbed.

digsy profile pic Alumni

continuing my way up the list - i'm determined to voted my way through the list just in time to start at the bottom again!
so today I voted on:


one third through or there abouts!


Welcome matrix - Ross will probably tell you that you need to get yourself an avatar. I have to say most of your slogans run along a similar theme at the moment, but keep working at them. This was my favourite:

T-shirt seeks reliable owner for fun times


wow I kinda feel bad. I had no idea that slogan was used before, I hope you still love me everyone.

staffell profile pic Alumni

welcome matrix/sarah! everything spam69 said! look forward to seeing more of your stuff :)

FlyYesLandNo on May 27 '09 at 11:32am
wow I kinda feel bad. I had no idea that slogan was used before, I hope you still love me everyone.

you wouldn't believe the number of high scoring slogans i've come across in this group that have been done before. Even some of mine which I thought were original have been done before. i'm not saying anyone's copying, sometimes a really funny slogan works because actually, it's so obvious!


spam, yeah i kinda agree actually. it popped into my head on the rainy walk to work this morning and i thought it was kinda cute, but it's not best suited to a tee-shirt :)

staffell profile pic Alumni

which blog was that danny? I'm well, how you doing?


My new coffee bean one needs more views I mean YES VOTES, and pls feel free to bump up "Chinese tattoo"- thk u!

PuppetMeat profile pic Alumni

Voted for:


PuppetMeat profile pic Alumni

Also, what do you guys think of this idea? Good, bad, needing work?

I Built A Time Machine. Unfortunately, A Dinosaur Destroyed It.

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

funny not sure how it would look on a shirt, but it's not bad. What do you think about clocks: the only real time machines

evan3 profile pic Alumni

I'm Not Losing, I'm Just Preparing For A Dramatic Comeback.

very clever

evan3 profile pic Alumni


i like this one:
I sometimes apply my video game heroics to real life situations.

i am actually a hero also

evan3 profile pic Alumni

can you guys squeeze out a couple more word cup votes for me?

a spider-related slogan up

PuppetMeat profile pic Alumni

Voted, lunchbox!

evan3 profile pic Alumni

i got chu lunchboxbrain

i also have a slogan, hungry for I'd Wear votes:

Picasso Viewed The Glass As Half Face


Whew! you guys are up and flying already!
That scared me! I have a habit of deleting things when I type too fast or am up to late! I thought I did something to my 'favorites' because all of the sudden it was gone! I was like deer in headlights. let me get off this computer and try again tomorrow!
I'm gonna vote for everybody on the last 6 pages -i'm sure I must have missed someone so nows actually a good chance to catch up :) I'll let you guys know!


Puppetmeat- voted your new one- dramatic comeback! (oh and happy birthday!)

Guys- I really have to say that I'm waiting for a lot of you to get printed! I really think you have a lot of great stuff out there!
I don't know what's taking the shirt fairies so long to find you!

PuppetMeat profile pic Alumni

Thanks JB! Yeah, this thread has kinda picked up where the old one left off. Going through maybe 1-2 pages a day was the old trend, and that seems to be happening here as well.

Also, I caught up on a bunch of your latest slogan goodnesses. Very nice! :)

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

My latest one aren't doing so hot. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make them better? If you haven't voted, please check them out and let me know what you think about em'

Thanks :)


PM - Happy Birthday! It surprises me that you're so young - you're so eloquent and clever, you come off a bit older here (that's a compliment). I like your spin on the time machine and think it's worth a sub.

Tiki - I like your free refills slogan.

Lunchbox - Definitely go with "endless series" for pop culture.


Tiki - Since you asked... regarding pretend to get along, push comes to shove and center of the universe... There's nothing particularly wrong with these, but their all just a bit too obvious. They lack a hook, a twist or a joke to take them from mere statements of fact to something that makes you read them twice and smile. You have a lot of high-scoring slogans, so I'm sure you'll come up with some new good ones. I already gave props to free refills; it seems to be in a good place right now.


can i join? i've done some voting on:


Since I have been a member of this community, I have noticed people occasionally coming on here and getting really upset about their slogan ratings, and even talking about targeted attacks. I've gotten weary of it, so much so that some days I do not even want to check this blog. So, I would like to make a comment about it.

Everyone's slogan ratings go up and down. I don't know if these "targeted attacks" actually exist, but if they do, the same must happen for designs, because it is a rare instance when a design actually breaks 3.00 out of 5. I would not doubt it if there were some young kids or even bitter older people who think it is fun just just rate all designs "0" without even looking at them, and say "omg, no" to all slogans they see without actually reading them.

I see that slogans print with between 50-70% approval rating, sometimes even WAY less like in the 20% range! So, when sloganeers cry and complain that their slogans have gone down from something REALLY high like 89/90% to a score than is also REALLY high like in the 70-80% range, it makes me feel sad, like they have lost touch with reality and also perhaps that they don't fully understand how this works. It isn't simply, "whoever gets the highest score wins", it also isn't even "whoever has the best slogan wins". "The best slogan" is a totally subjective idea, impossible to determine. The slogans have always and will always be chosen by the Threadless staff, the end.

When you put something out there, a design or a slogan, it can get slammed immediately and tank, or do really well. If you are one of the lucky ones who has a design or slogan that is doing really well, the score is bound to fluctuate from time to time. It would be insane if it just rocketed to the top without ever wavering.

I would just like to see that as sloganeers we have some kind of honour and dignity about this process, and not come on here and moan and complain every time your slogan does not do as well as you thought it should. I've had loads of slogans that I personally loved, but had to delete due to very low scores. Also, my highest scoring slogan is 75%, so just a warning, you wont get my sympathy vote if you are complaining that yours has sunk to 89% or something else ridiculously high.

evan3 profile pic Alumni

^someone pays attention is essay class

evan3 profile pic Alumni

i read it and i totally agree
threadless prints what they like and not all are on the hall of fame list
kudos to bonnie


thanks evan :)

PuppetMeat profile pic Alumni

Hah, thanks HaloGirl. I fully take that as a compliment. :)

Bonnie, I kinda understand where you're coming from. But I have a few thoughts regarding this, if you don't mind.

I think most people don't mind when their slogans drop. I think people start getting upset when all of their slogans drop. This type of rapid fall indicates some form of attack (or at least a certain disregard for reading said slogans and rating them objectively), which is something you can rationally complain about. I mean, when there are only 104 slogan prints up for grabs per year, and there are so many great slogans floating about, people want to have the best shot at getting noticed. Scores aren't everything, but they are important.

I've come to just accept this as a side effect of sloganing. I think most other people also come to just deal with it after it happens a few times.

Scoring designs is a whole different animal. Designs are far more visible in comparison to slogans, and therefor tend to get slammed more often. I'm not sure of voting trends of the general public regarding designs, so I won't comment on that too much.


Hmmm, I see what you are saying Puppetmeat.

I just haven't experienced or witnessed this "targetted attack" thing...although I realise by saying that I am asking for one! Uh-Oh!

It just seemed that the concept of "targeted slogan attacks" was a kind of paranoid idea...

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