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Wild Bear

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I think the size on the original design is better. Great illustration!


sorry for the duplicate

Alicia Fuentes

Thanks for the comments!
this one seems a bit unfocused because I modified it from the small versiĆ³n, but the original artwork is giant, so it will be clear like on the right part.


I followed this from the voting link. I think your illustration is magnificent, very, very well done.
But as was said, it needs a concept. You said it was a reminder of freedom of wildlife before computers and cars. So the bear is roaring for... fun?
What if the bear was standing on a smashed laptop computer?
Maybe the bear as a constellation?
Maybe add some background?


You could also take it in a completely different direction and put something in front of the bear that he is about to eat or that he is blowing away with the blast of his roar.


I really like it! The colors are great.


Came across this while poking around on the net. Maybe ideas?


man, I love the illustration and the detail. But havent there been a little too many shirts about bears? check mine out if you have the time.

Coyote Loco

Amazing details! Wouldn't change a thing.

Ryder profile pic Alumni

this is the greatest bear shirt ever


You are an incredible artist. I have to stick with comic style drawings rather than realistic ones. I am impressed!

Alicia Fuentes

Thank you very much for all this support and suggestions!! You are great!
I know that maybe the concept is not very strong here, and the bear has been made a thousends of times, I just wanted to draw..
If I can get more of the meaning, give it a new sense, as Francesca suggests, I'll upload a new version.


wah great illustration. love the details!


really cool, guys dont ask people to vote on your stuff in critique blogs...

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