Wild Bear

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I think the size on the original design is better. Great illustration!


sorry for the duplicate

Alicia Fuentes

Thanks for the comments!
this one seems a bit unfocused because I modified it from the small versiĆ³n, but the original artwork is giant, so it will be clear like on the right part.


I followed this from the voting link. I think your illustration is magnificent, very, very well done.
But as was said, it needs a concept. You said it was a reminder of freedom of wildlife before computers and cars. So the bear is roaring for... fun?
What if the bear was standing on a smashed laptop computer?
Maybe the bear as a constellation?
Maybe add some background?


You could also take it in a completely different direction and put something in front of the bear that he is about to eat or that he is blowing away with the blast of his roar.


Came across this while poking around on the net. Maybe ideas?


man, I love the illustration and the detail. But havent there been a little too many shirts about bears? check mine out if you have the time.

Coyote Loco

Amazing details! Wouldn't change a thing.


You are an incredible artist. I have to stick with comic style drawings rather than realistic ones. I am impressed!

Alicia Fuentes

Thank you very much for all this support and suggestions!! You are great!
I know that maybe the concept is not very strong here, and the bear has been made a thousends of times, I just wanted to draw..
If I can get more of the meaning, give it a new sense, as Francesca suggests, I'll upload a new version.


really cool, guys dont ask people to vote on your stuff in critique blogs...

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