Tree Museum

Watch this

the future.....?


I want this!!!! I'd buy one for sure!


This reminds me of that freaky, weird movie! I like it.

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This is interesting. It's a deep message, and even stranger in the wavy, hazy style you have designed it in. It reminds me a bit of the tree hologram from the first Lisa's future episode, but in a good way. I'd like to see maybe a space-suited father and child in a space suit being in the scene instead of the lone figure. Maybe the child could be trying to read the placard about a tree, but the father would be gazing at the tree, with knowledge of how the human civilization made something as plentiful as a tree go extinct.


nice work...

i am a newbie here could you please help me w/ my designs


wow. this is so prophetic it's scary. also, i would like it more if it looked like an actual museum. make the sign and the glass more official looking.


FRICKINAWESOME & girllovesveggies. Thanks for constructive comment. I really appreciate. I will take in your advice and work on this illustration again!


it's awesome! :)


i actually like the lone figure, makes it much more sad


very cool. though it had a hard time staring at the figure trying to guess if it was a human or what...but aside from that this is sweet.

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