Master Yoda is wise

  • by benrolien
  • posted Apr 16, 2009

Watch this

I'm sorry, I don't get it =/


lol, dew or dew not, there is no try.


i love the design of the soda machines, but i did not get the quote either.

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The quote is do or do not there is no try. I'm not a fan of the quote because I'm not a fan of Star Wars, but it's not a bad design overall.


i get it. ppl who know star wars will get it.. i'm not an expert but the concept may not carry over quite well. turning 'do' into 'dew' doesn't seem to work that well.


It makes me sad that people don't get this. I lol'd.


I think it is easy to get. I'm not a huge SW fan, but this is nice. Maybe if it didn't have that halftone background it would look nicer


oh man thats freakin hilarious
i want


Thanks for the comments guys. For some reason the "About my design" comments I posted didn't show up, don't know why. Yeah, anyway, it's a play on Yoda's line from Star Wars. I figure it's the kind of joke you'll need to think about a moment, but once you get it I think it's a pretty good joke. Also, if you're wearing this, and someone else gets it, then you'll know who your true friends are. Thanks again.


I got it right away. Great design! I give it a 6


I like the style of the vending machines, but not the halftone pattern in the background. Try resubbing with a background element that matches the "painted" feel of the machines. P.S. I got the joke right away.


HAHA! :D Reeeeally clever.


haha thats funny!
do or do not there is not try, yayyyy yoda


deigns good also
admire or admire not, there is no "get it "


I dont c what it has 2 do with yoda........
but its cool


i thought it was great, and the saying has a good moral, even for non-star wars fans, which makes it fine in my opinion.


I heart ppl still not understanding the quote, even after it's been explained several times.....Classic Yoda. I'd buy.

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Don't like the red half-tones behind the design, and yeah, it's a pretty obscure star wars reference, but i'd like it a bunch more if yoda or a yoda-type dreature was holding the drink on one of the vending machines, or the back of yoda being seen trying to put a dollar ito the machine but having it spit back out at him or something. Nice illo.


^wouldnt it be luke giving the try machine a kick for not working? yoda would just be helping himself to dew...


i got it as soon as i saw it! awesome design! out of order sign seems a bit off though


I got it, although we pronounce it "jew" so it woudn't make sense with my accent. Feels like it's missing a joke about Yoda rhyming with Soda.


I had to google it to get it, but after doing so - I love it!
I do think it will work much better without the halftone background though.


Quote: "Feels like it's missing a joke about Yoda rhyming with Soda."
Actually if you can find a way to include this in the design, it can be a good clue for people to get the pun.

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I think the idea is great! I agree that the background dots are distracting. And I'm being picky but I think it should be a tiny bit farther down on the shirt. It looks really high right now. Good luck!


I'm not a fan or star wars and this was very easy to figure out. I like it!


I didn't think this reference was that obscure. I've never made it through any of the movies, and I don't really like Star Wars, and I STILL knew this quote.

I like it.


I didn't want to come off as picky so I didn't say anything' but now GregtheMilkman mentioned it - I did notice the print was a bit too high as well.
I still REALLY love the idea though!


Great usage of Dew :P. I like this one a lot.


dew not vote this lol


that's my kind of star wars reference! It took me a sec to figure it out. You have to be a legit nerd to catch it.


try do not, do


Love the idea - i would buy it.
Not sure about the halftone pattern in background, might work better as a shadow coming out the front of the machines on the ground.


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