The Gaming Revolution

I don't want to overcomplicate the idea behind the tee too much so i'll just say this; all consoles (i think) are represented from the NES to PS3, the NES being the home console which brought the gaming industry back to life.

Cheers to everyone who voted and commented on this,


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this print is a pleasant surprise!


It's so amazing that I HAVE to have it. Today. After I'd sworn off of buying more tees. (I lasted for a whole month, too!)

Great work, and congrats! :)

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

:) Looks great. A great buy for gamers anywhere.


I like it, but out of all the major systems, there isn't a large size NES controller. :\<br />
Size-wise, it goes Wii, N64, Xbox, GameGear, Genesis, Gameboy/DS/Xbox 360, Playstation, SNES, Gamecube, Dreamcast... ETC BUT THE NES ISN'T IN THE LIST! :O


And by "in the list" I meant the list of large-size controllers.


why is it a Left fist but the (righties?)

in the pic are holding up their right fists?



(righty is going to pay!!!!!)

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cheers everyone. i was pleasantly surprised too. sorry about the lack of a large NES pad. And as for the flirting question, it may have been taken from there but as it was only pieced together in a rough outline i don't see the problem. you are probably right though, i should have drawn my own fist from memory.


Hi, I imagine you might be interested in this. I'm not sure if you are in any way working with these guys, but I don't think so??:

So in short, at time of writing this they have this same design available for order on their site (they also seem to carry other stolen/ripped work).. or at the very least they claim so, who knows if they'll ever actually ship anything. Now I don't know what can be done regarding this (if anything), but I just thought to inform you, as being a designer myself it sickens me to see other peoples hard-worked designs stolen like this..

Bio-bot 9000
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^uh oh!

Take em down, Legal Team!

Krimson profile pic Alumni

way to go.


dustmonk the fist is a public domain image so there is no copyright infringement for using that particular image

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

congrats! :D


No old-school joystick?

You left the Atari representation to the Jaguar? I still play on a 78oo; I'm a sad panda.

stothemofob profile pic Alumni

no joysticks unfortunately, i based the design after 1983, if i'd used all consoles things would have got out of hand.

i checked that link and it's been taken down, i don't understand why they think they can do that.

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Congrats! I'm absolutely not a gamer, but this shirt RUUULEZ!


congrats this looks awesome!


I'm glad the link got taken down. At least that shows that the seller had either a change of heart or some common sense, as it was going to backfire on him in the end. I hope he didn't sell any before the item was withdrawn..

stothemofob profile pic Alumni

Yeah, me too. I don't even know how he could do something like the that. the beauty of the tee is in the fine detail so without vector artwork the print would have been bad

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stothemofob on Apr 14 '09 at 3:17am
no joysticks unfortunately, i based the design after 1983, if i'd used all consoles things would have got out of hand.

You punny punny bastard you!


Congratulations, this tee reminded me of just again how well designed threadless tees are, especially compared to some other tee sites. I love the large and small icons and the way everything is placed together!

That site that stole your work is pretty sad too, they have another threadless design to, i wonder how i would report that?


Beautiful shirt. I don't really like red color, but I bought it anyway.

jon at MyStar

Well done son, im proud of you! I would wear it if I didn't have such a big red head!

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You know, I hate to point this out because I like the shirt, but this hand looks an awful lot like this logo designed by matchstic

stothemofob profile pic Alumni

have you emailed matchstic telling them they ripped off the communists?

tymn profile pic Alumni

Wow, I'm retarded.
I always knew that the closed fist was a symbol for revolution, I've just seen many variations of the fists. Never realized how close these were to the originals.

Sorry about that.

stothemofob profile pic Alumni

it's cool, sorry if i was a bit abrupt. the matchstic logo idea thing is cool


This is the best shirt ever!!!!!!


I love this t shirt so much

stothemofob profile pic Alumni

REPRINTED! Thanks everyone who bought it first time around and requested a reprint.

Also, it's on American Apparel for men this time so I'll be buying it again.



This tee stinks. Sean Mort wouldn't know a good idea if i hit him on the head with it and ate the evidence.


The guys and gals at my local play n trade are going to love this tee.


Please reprint this! I must have this!
Also if you could make this into a hoodie that would be amazing!


not intending to derail this but arent all those controllers copyrighted/trade marked? Im confused by all those copyright laws...



Yes, the game companies own the rights to the controllers, but not the visual look of them. If another company wanted to make a controller with exactly the same look (see ), then that's totally legal. As is using the look for a tee shirt design. They just can't use the logos from the companies, as you see Mr. Mort hasn't. So this shirt is totally legal.


aw man what no PSP? haha awesome design! :D

stothemofob profile pic Alumni

Yep. I did it on purpose. It's my favourite album of all time so I just had to get a design on Threadless based on a Tom Robinson sleeve.

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