• by 337design
  • posted Apr 12, 2009

Watch this

I'd like to see the back bigger.

courtney pie

the tattoo shop called, they want their sparrow back.


Thanks for the comments. I will include larger images of the back next time around. the image on the back is the silhouette of the sparrow plugged into a power socket on the tree. It was my intention to give the sparrow a tattoo style influence. I am working on a series of designs in this style at the moment.


awesome, mate....where can i get one


The styles of the front and back are really different, and I'm not sure how well they gel. I really like the idea, though.


i'd like to see the bird on the front silhouetted and off center, maybe more near the shoulder. and i can't read the back design. also i have to agree with"courtney pie" it does look like the tatto sparrow.

it's still unresolved, but good work :)


courtney pie on Apr 21 '09
the tattoo shop called, they want their sparrow back.


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