Severed Sunscape

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Enna Isilee

I really like this. Though I'd like to see it on a model, and with some different color options. Could there be different color options?

Critique My Design?


I think maybe the girls bow could be a little brighter?
But I really like it.


yeah. I'm definitely going to put up some other colours.


i like the sketchiness of it :) really pretty.

The Perfect Fit

The sketchiness of this piece is awesome, the characters are really cute.. Maybe try it on a white tee? I'm not sure I'm just not feeling the grey. But I say do a few modifications and submit this for scoring because I love it!


i'm not really diggin the gloominess.


aw thats so cute. i like how it looks like it was done in pen.


Thanks for the comments! Any more ideas?


make the lower cloud a bit less spiky, or maybe just remove it entirely. try playing with some different cloud positions. looks good though and i like the lineyness of it

Blue Haven

I think that you can remove the sun out of your design, it look stuck on, for the rest, work on your clouds, make them more round, soft, so the tension between the two person will be better, don't change the character's, they look great and cute the way they are. Great!


I really like this!


More colors! let me know what you think


I had a picture of this design on one of the models but the file size was too big. I will probably upload that version later as another version if people want to see that


Small Change. Suggestions?


Not done yet but here is what i have so far


feedback on this idea please:
instead of the white do a darker blue, and have it cover less area outside of the figures

any thoughts?


I like the color, but it needs some more. Maybe some shading, or something. It kind of has a bland feeling as of now. But I love the illustration and there's awesome potential.


Is it supposed to look like a face?
You might want to play with the placement of your objects.
Thanks for voting and commenting my submission!

The Perfect Fit

I'm really glad you showed new colors.. After seeing all the colors, I have to say it looks best on just a simple white.. I love the characters I wouldn't change a thing about them.. My only other suggestion is maybe clean the clouds up a bit. I love the sketchiness but I think I would lose the sharp edges off the clouds. Also take some of the black out of the heart balloon so we can see the red a bit more. After that I think it will look perfect!

Toon monster

I think it looks very good and yes i think that in a white shirt it would look very good.


it doesn't quite fill the shirt bolder!

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