Skinny to Fat

  • by victorbme
  • posted Apr 09, 2009

Watch this

first attempt here. let me know what you think. thanks!


aw, it's adorable!
i think the effect would be even better if the pile of banana peels behind him was more dramatically bigger with each size change.


switched up the design idea bit...created a bunch of different monkeys.

should i have more or less?


Oh i love this! One suggestion. Most monkey are happy, some are surpiced, one is sleepy. GIVE AN ANGRY ONE ! :) I would like to see this printed.

P.S(the ninja monkey owns)


yah, i definitely will change up the title.

any other expression suggestions?


Yeah I agree, get rid of some of those happy faces and change them to angry, scary, sad, etc. :)

Please comment on my Poor Teddy?


the emo one should be sad, the pompador one should be sexy, the ninja's eye's should be shifty eyed, the one with the tie should be angry, with arms up and jumping.


the emo one should be sad, the ninja should have shifty eyes, the one with the tie should be angry with arms up and jumping, the one with the pompador should have a sexy look on his face. the hockey mask one should have overalls, the sleepy one should have a nightcap, the crosseyed one should have one of those spinny top hats.


new title: "Monkey!"

The Perfect Fit

Love the monkeys and the idea.. Maybe make them a bit bigger.. They are all so unique and cute you want people to be able to see them.


should i have less so that i have more space to show in greater detail? or leave as is?


As with v3 - title is now: "Monkey"

reorganized a bit, to allow each monkey to be bigger


very friendly feel

Alicia Fuentes

That's great! I would get rid of the yellow background though, it attracts too much attention, maybe a beige would do better.
Good luck with it!!
Any feedback on mines?
hidden in the dark


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love this! it's too cute and totally wearable
i can't think of any suggestions other than it would maybe be nice to see some other colour option shirt-wise... not to say i don't like the yellow, i just like to see what else might work!

any comments on my robot please?


thanks for the feedback. it's been quite helpful


This is adorable! Nice individuality to the monkeys, and I think the yellow gives it a lovely friendly feel. Love the shadows grounding each monkey too.

Maybe rather than the ones with only expressions and no costumes, you could have more characters? Haha like an Abe Lincoln one, yes!

Any feedback for mine?


Title: Monkey!

Added some color variations: Yellow, Navy, Heather Grey & Sand.

Which do you guys like the best?


I love each individual character - super cute. But all in a cluster like that, I'm not really feeling it.


any thoughts on the color variations?


Verry cute caracter, i like sand, but yellow is ok too.

Please take a look at my design

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