In Ghost Colours

Watch this

Skateboarding is my life, I would never wear this. I don't know who this would appeal to. I could be wrong.

Mr. Doodle

Great angle! This would totally benefit from a different color version.

Edward Woodward

that blue logo was once a nike tick, and it looked SOOO much better, but had to change it obviously cuz of copyright infringements, i'm glad you like it though


verryyyy nice, I would buy this sexy shiz :)


wow this is amazing if this doesnt get printed then thier is no justice in life.


5 btw :)


Cool sketch, and I loved you as The Equalizer!


love it - great idea!


the awesome blinded me....i hope you're happy

Edward Woodward

by the way, criticism is much appreciated :) as long as it's in a nice way

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