Win a Ford Fiesta Contest

ford is putting on a contest that will have 100 winners winning a 2011 Ford Fiesta for 6 months. they will also pay for gas, insurance, and will send the winners on monthly road trips that they must document with videos, pictures, etc and share with the world on the web. the requirements to win are having a strong web presence and the ability to create videos, etc. here is my video, please view it and give me a good rating. thanks!

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ISABOA profile pic Alumni

ford would have to pay me to drive a fiesta

and still I would probably just torch it for insurance


isa makes me proud


i'm only asking for some support to help me win, sorry for asking.


maybe a clicky link for the lazy


lol. true isaboa.

ford fiesta reminds me of bad high school memories

the czar

Tin man making love to johnny 5 is pretty funny


how do we vote? do we just FAVE your video?


or just the stars?


yeah just rate it and maybe leave a comment, thanks! they are not picking people off of how many views or stars, but it wouldn't hurt to have a good rating!! thanks for the support guys!

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