"Waaaaah, I don't wanna wear a girly shirt."

So birthday of someone just happened and I wanna get him a gift. But they're out of guys sizes and the next best thing is Girly XL and 2XL. I figure he's normally a Guys Medium, and maybe I might get him the Girly 2XL. Any guys out there resort to the same tactics? I know a guy who wears Girly XLs just fine. But he's a bit on the feminine side. Not gay. Just a little feminine.

But anyway. Any guys who have been desperate about a shirt get back to me on this please.

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they are cut different. Does this work?


I considered it once and I'm sure I would have looked dam sexy in those cap sleeves; but alas I didn't make the purchase...

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The neck is different, as is the amount of fabric across the chest (to make room for boobies), so it might fit a little awkward on a guy, but not too badly.


Haven't worn any of the girls shirts from Threadless, but from other t-shirt companies, girl cuts are usually too different for me to wear without major fixing. Usually the sleeves are shorter, they're tighter at the shoulders, and the front is longer.

If you go up to a size XL that might solve some of the problems, but I think it would probably still fit odd.

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I think the sleeves are also shorter like that guy said. I've also gotten Girly XLs for two other friends before. One's 6'2 and the other one is like 5'9 but kinda pudgy. On the 6'2 guy it was a little tight and short; on the pudgy guy it was almost long enough but reeeeeeally tight. This guy's 5'8 and really really skinny. Is Girly 2XL a safe option?

Starfish Reverie

Also I never noticed that the shirts are longer in the front. But then again I have a nice set of 34Cs. That might be why.

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