Signs Of End Times

Select time! Awesome. I made this design in June ´08, glad to see it up. I also created a poster that would have been handed out with the shirt (the art print would have been the 'catch' of the Select). Unfortunately it wasn't possible in the end. Still, it looks like the shirt turned out great! Thanks a million skinnyCorp.

Watch this

This shirt is awesome and is the first select I bought in a long long time. Too bad the poster idea didn't work because I would have loved to get one.

andyg profile pic Alumni

You're still #1 in my book, Mikko! Awesome job!

sonmi profile pic Alumni

so good! hopefully it will be turned into an art print yet.

Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni

yeah, where there's a will etc...I'm pretty excited about how the colors look on the lemon tee. there's a nice harmony in them I can't really put my finger on.

cheers andy, I hope they print deadbeat dad (like they wouldn't).

Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni

cool, gracias

congrats on pizzaz party

Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni

I'm waiting to wear this shirt in the summer, when I'm out of my mind and listening to a band like mgmt

againstbound profile pic Alumni

I've decided that this wil be my first (and probably only) lemon tee, as soon as I get money that is, but it's now in the cart.

Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni

thanks for the honour, hector.

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