dorothy´s shoes

  • by esquimal
  • posted Mar 01, 2009

Watch this

Maybe it's just me, but those shoes looked a little grotesque at first...


Perhaps the confusion is because the shadow beneath the shoes is red...making it another color or erasing it might help.

Personal Genius

Yeah, they look a little blood splatter-y.

I think it's funny how in the actual story, the shoes are silver. But since he film had vivid color, they made them red. And red they shall stay forevermore.


they do look a lil scary but thats ok.
I love, love, LOVE the little caption in this
it's so.. so... I dunno but its good.
this is so great
congrats =D


looks kinda like someone made a doodoo in those shoes...


OOOOOOOH I like the idea a lot. The shoes could use to be a little more clean edged


I really like the effect on the shoes. I think it gives a darker edge to the story you're referencing.



The red splatter around the shoes - great, atmospheric. Nothing wrong with it.

The particular shade, shape and texture of brown inside the shoes - erm, I'll just say at first glance it gives an impression that probably isn't the one you want...

I think when people said gross I think they meant what liptrip said... Easy to fix though, a darker (less 3D, rounded looking) and lower contrast (less shiny, sticky looking...) brown would do it.

Everything else is good though, even though I don't get the reference, so good rating from me.


Great trace!! Nice!!

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