video from Black Rock Collective opening night at threadless store

Here's a short video from the Black Rock Collective group show at the threadless store. Mr. Shimala will have a better version that he made with his fancy cameras, but in the meantime here's this:

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Black Rock Collective group show from Santiago Uceda on Vimeo.

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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

So good guys. A fantastic combo of stuff from Threadless subs and beyond in your collections.

Is that Boy Eats Drum Machine for the music?


So no select?

sonmi profile pic Alumni

awesome video!! nice meeting you, santiago. wish you could've stayed longer!

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni



this is great! thanks so much for sharing. wish i could have been there!


yes, music by boy eats drum machine

it was great to meet you guys you too!

yeah, i didn't get to see much of chicago... next time I'll stay longer!

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