Differently shaped shirt?

  • by pyrophish
  • posted Feb 06, 2009


I just got this shirt in the mail, and I can't help but feel like it's more box-ily shaped than other threadless shirts (i.e., shorter and baggier). Does this have something to do with the color? The printing style? Or am I just imagining this?

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is it your first Threadless Brand tee? They have a different style, flavor, pizzazz, flair, sexiness that I enjoy. But some don't. But such is life.


It isn't. I have many a threadless brand tee, and for some reason some always end up fitting me better than others. This one was particularly off, i thought...

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strange. maybe it's the boxyness of the design...that...makes it boxxy.

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WTF at that video. is she on drugs?


i totally agree. i got this shirt and it is way shorter and fatter than other threadless shirts i have and i don't like the fit one bit. what's up threadless?


Yeah I bought a bunch of new tee's lately all printed in the last month or so and I reckon they are TOTAlly more boxy:-/

Here's to shrinking in the wash.


i cant help but thinking Mirror's Edge for this shirt. It has the colours, and your buildings. No sharks tho :/


From the pictures it looks like the print is one size so that on a small size shirt the design starts above the nipples and has an entirely different look on small people. With the larger sizes the design starts closer to the waist and is not as balanced or as interesting overall. I'm glad I figured it out before I ordered. I hate returning things.

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