Do you like puppies? Or candy? Or rollerskates? Or baseball?

Obviously not finished, still need to clean up stuff and fix stuff. I'm also considering a background, maybe a sbtle house in the back and a few changing clouds.

And I haven't even started working on the layout, this might not even work as a tee (any suggestions for this are highly appreciated.

Also, the colors might be crap, cause I'm working with a crappy, borrowed monitor til I get my new one. So if they look like crap please do let me know.

Also, what do you think, about the idea?

Watch this
mz. kat-ii

awwww i love it! :D


Oh Hector... that's so awesome! I just wanna marry that boy and his tree and steal babies from somewhere and plant them in the ground and grow them on a baby tree! Cause that's how those things work, right?


It's sad when the puppy dies.

againstbound profile pic Alumni

That's knd of the point, John, to balance a bit the cuteness of it. And besides, it has a happy ending, so it's all good, right?

And yes, Kimby! That's exactly how it works =D

Thanks, guys.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I think the colors could be a little more vibrant. :) As it is, I don't think the design would catch your attention like I think it deserves. :D Puppy rebirth!

band-it profile pic Alumni

hilarious, your mind is genius.

i might add a little sprout or something to the second frame?

courtney pie

no, not really, sometimes, yes.

oh. wait. there's a wip in this blog, isn't there? damn blocked images at work. SIGH

Krakaboom profile pic Alumni

I saw it first without scrolling and only saw the boy digging the grave and thought... well, that's a bit creepy!

But now that I've seen the whole thing it's all sweet again :)

The only think I'd suggest working on is the ground -it looks kinda scribbled.


Awwww.....I'm trying to be okay with the dead puppy, 'cause it all ends okay, and it's just a drawing....but it still makes me sad. You're a mean Mexican!

againstbound profile pic Alumni

Tiffany, will try to make them more vibrant.

Nick, that was my intial thought as well, but I thought it was better if I left the tree part for the last frame only, as to not ruin the surprise beforehand.

Thanks a lot, Alex!

Sorry Courtney, maybe you'll catch it later, eh?

Yes, Justin, that's what I'm going for creepy, then happy. And yes, the dirt looks like shit now, haven't worked on it yet.

Thanks a lot, guys!

myteemo profile pic Alumni

haha...I was thinking the same thing before scrolling down! Cute concept though. I like it!

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

maybe flip it - so at the bottom is the planting and such


paulburgess profile pic Alumni

Love the concept, love the stacked layout, don't worry about the colors. Awesome - 5$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zipperking profile pic Alumni

I say keep going with it, but I just want to let you know there has been a similar concept done.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I think yours is a little more light hearted, Hector. You should still sub it!


You used 3 other objects as well
3 diff scenes
and most importantly no tree growing out of the puppy's back

Sub it... or else.

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

wholy crap I love the I saw daddy planting a buddy tree illustration, but yeah I think you should still sub, but oh mant hat other one is amazing, colors etc too

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

Ah that first puppy tree illo is probably my favorite Threadless tee that has never been printed. Yours is neat though cause it has all the different scenes and stuff.

phillydesigner profile pic Alumni

i think this has a great combination of cute and severely twisted... which is perfect for threadless... i could almost see this design on orange...

walmazan profile pic Alumni

jajaa, me encanta! buen trabajo Hector


againstbound on Feb 01 '09 at 8:41pm
Thanks guys, but I kinda stopped working on this, caus I suck :/

d3d profile pic Alumni

dude finish it, but condense it into one image. just the kid under the tree, but with the puppy skeleton and everything in the ground beneath the tree so you can see the whole narrative in one image.

d3d profile pic Alumni

oh, right. i forgot about that one. i still think it's pretty unique though despite being a similar idea.


Hector, if you don't sub this, you're ruining my one and only chance of having children. How could you do this to me?


yeah sooo lame. only 23 comments in the first day...

againstbound profile pic Alumni

Yeah, well 23 comments is far from great, and I think it's all bloggers and designers, which usually means the average voters are hating it.

And thanks, Brian, but honestly I expect absolutely nothing out of this one.

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