shirt color ruins another design

  • by anca2
  • posted Jan 26, 2009

The original tshirt color for this design was great. Very nighttime-ish. But with Heather grey the shirt is less "Night Birds" and more, say, "Seattle Birds". Major fail, Threadless.

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Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

I sort of have to agree with this blog. Just say no to heather gray! I was excited for a reprint but the mood of the shirt has been completely altered.


I really wanted a reprint of this too and was excited when it came back. But I did a double-take when I saw the colour change! Don't think I'll be buying it now.


Agree :( Even charcoal gray would have worked better than heather gray.


poor poor choice
now i am sad

congrats to chris on the reprint tho!

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

Congrats to Chris indeed, but I have to agree with anca.

This is just...

Yeah. I have no words.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

WTF at random Aristarchus posting????

Also, I own this shirt from the original printing so I'm tending to agree the OG color is better but I think it's an interesting vidual as well on heather gray.


I asked for a reprint as I loved the design but it does not work as well on heather grey.

cbuchholz profile pic Alumni

thanks guys! I came in to work and noticed that this was reprinted and needless to say it was quite a nice surprise!

I actually like the color change, but then I love heather gray shirts and I already own the slate colored original. Anyhow, thanks threadless, and thanks to those who voted for a reprint!

sonmi profile pic Alumni

oh man. i didn't know there was a color change. i actually really really really like how it looks on heather gray, and i own the original. hmm....


i missed out by hours on thei first print. the new shirt is on heather grey. heather grey is a color that makes me think sweatpants and sweatshit. it has ruined multiple designs i was waiting to buy. and now one of my favorite designs i've ever seen on threadless is reprinted.. on heather grey. honestly i'll buy any color besides that one.

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