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<big><big><big>IT'S FINALLY DONE. GO READ IT.</big></big></big>

It's time to begin round two of the Threadless Exquisite Corpse writing project! First, a big thanks to everyone who registered. If you didn't get a chance to sign up, please make sure you do so for round three, whenever that ends up happening. This time around the rules are going to be a bit different for the sake of efficiency, sanity, and just to shake things up.

A quick reminder of how an exquisite corpse works: One group member begins writing a story. It doesn't matter what it's about, what genre it is, etc. Once the member is satisfied with the result, they then send the last few lines of their piece to the next member. The next member then, without knowing anything about the other member's piece except for those few lines, continues the story from where the previous member left off. And from there, the cycle continues until the last member writes a rousing ending! At this point the story will be put together and the wacky result will be revealed.

As stated above, the rules are a bit different this time, so read on:

Rules of the Exquisite Corpse

  1. Like last time, one member will begin the story. However, after the initial piece is completed, TWO different groups will each write their own story from the same beginning. Each group contains 13 talented members, and when all is said and done, we'll have two completely different stories from one common beginning.

  2. Each participant is only allowed to write a MAXIMUM of TWO (2) pages, single spaced, 12pt font. Obviously I won't erase anything if you happen to write more, but please try to stay within these limits. We're going for quality over quantity, so make every word count! At the same time, though, please try to write something substantive in your piece (at least a couple of paragraphs) so that the story moves forward each time. Don't just write two lines of dialog and call it quits--that would be counterproductive to the project (and besides, if you don't want to write, then why the heck did you sign up?).

  3. Each participant has a MAXIMUM of THREE (3) DAYS to write their portion of the story. This should hopefully be plenty of time. We need to have a maximum time limit so this doesn't take forever to complete. We have 27 participants, which means if everyone takes their full amount of time, we should be done by the second week of March. If, when it's your turn to write, you don't think you can finish your portion within your three days, let me know right away so we can have the next person in line write instead. You can then write your part later on.

  4. When a member has finished writing their part of the story, they are to send one email to the main Exquisite Corpse address (threadlessexquisitecorpse [at] gmail [dot] com) containing the following:

    • An ATTACHMENT of your entire section. Please don't just copy and paste your section into the email because this will mess up the formatting. Preferred file formats are .doc or .rtf. I should be able to open pretty much any format out there since I use OpenOffice, but these two are the easiest.

    • The names and relationships of all major characters. While this might technically go against what an Exquisite Corpse is all about, in our case it's necessary for the sake of consistency. It's much easier, both for the writers and the editor, if everyone uses consistent character names. You don't have to go into a lot of detail; just keep it simple like Bob - The main character/protagonist. Jill - Bob's sister. Mr. Williams - Bob's boss. As for what constitutes a major character, use your best judgment. If you write a character who you picture making several appearances over the course of the story, then that character is major. If a character is a one-time waitress in a restaurant who doesn't serve a purpose other than being a waitress for that scene, then forget her.

      Note: As this project goes on, more characters will obviously appear. Please include EVERYONE'S major characters/relationships in your email, even if you didn't use them all in your own portion. If Beth created Bob and Jill and you created Sam and Max, then your email to the next participant should include Bob, Jill, Sam, and Max.

    Once I receive your email, I will then send the last few lines of your section to the next participant. When you get the email stating it's your turn, please email me back so I know you actually received it.

And now for some general statements, more or less copied from the first Exquisite Corpse blog
  1. This is the definitely the most important statement (which is why it's number one). EVERYONE HERE KNOWS HOW TO WRITE. While everyone's skills might vary in the technical aspect of writing (i.e., grammar, mechanics, etc.), I know for a fact that every person here is creative and has ideas to share. With that said...

  2. Don't worry about grammar and mechanics. Just write, and don't worry if you think you might've used the wrong word or have a run-on sentence. Just get your ideas down on the page and let the editor deal with the grammar and junk later.

  3. The ending of this story will work the same way it did last time: The final writer in each group will write the ending for their group. After a lot of discussion last time on how the story should end, this way made the most sense and was the fairest way to go. I'm quite confident that the two ending writers will be up to the task.

  4. HAVE FUN WITH THIS! I think this will turn out just as good, if not better, than last time, especially since we'll have two different stories. So just think positively and all that other good karmic shit. We're bound to hit some problems along the way, but we'll tackle those as they come.

Well, that's everything that needs to be said, I think. The only thing left, of course, is the writing order. So here it is:

Story Starter

Group 1
<del>Neon Samurai</del>

Group 2
<del>Mya Jamila</del>
<del>Malcolm Man</del>

<big><big>READY SET GO!</big></big>

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i feel like never getting to read this is like never getting to know what happens next season on ...... lost

Neon Samurai

squatterjohn on Jun 02 '09 at 7:01am

Let's just read the Wildcats version


Page one - excitement! Everyone is writing so fast, we're zooming through.

Page 11 - wait, what was this thread about again?


So we win, right? Can we at least get some kind of trophy that says the Wildcats win?

Neon Samurai

Glad to see the three day deadline made this whole thing resolve itself more quickly.


tracerbullet on Jun 02 '09 at 8:49am
i'll upload it this week. and i'll talk to kevin and tell him to either send me what he has or i'm putting it together without his part.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

i was actually thinking about this this morning. i'm gonna give kevin an ultimatum date because i don't wanna deal with this project anymore. it's getting in the way of my laziness because i keep remembering i should upoad it online, and that takes my focus away from not doing anything.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

oh, go draw a phoenix!


part of me is always secretly relieved that nobody's read it yet because I squirm at the memory of writing it.

well. "writing" is a strong word. "repeatedly beating it in the face with a pipe while sobbing hysterically," followed by "using every ounce of my strength to throw its mangled body over a cliff" might be more accurate.

still curious to read them, though!

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

oh, don't worry, beth. i replaced your portion with the complete text of the Twilight series.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

you did a great job making the vampires glisten


better late than never, i guess.

we're on the brink of never. so we all lose.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

i've given kevin an ultimatum deadline of july 31. if i don't have his piece by then, i'm posting it without his part.


I like how bold the maximum of three days is up on top :p


"And then everyone woke up...


tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

it's done! kevin got his part in. i'll have it posted by tonight.

Mya Jamila

I appologize in advance.
My part is pretty crappy for I was rushing to get it finished.



you guys can go back to hating me slightly less now please :)
and i hope you like it :)

i haven't even read my section all the way through in one pass yet. by the time i was finished with it, my brain was too fried for 8.25 pages of word consumption. i think i'll go read it now.

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