My tank

Enjoy...Ill put up a version later to show shirt placement.

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52chevy pickup

Enjoy...Ill put up a version later to show shirt placement.

darkend iris



cool! definately put it on a template


Awesome illustrations! I love how the big tank is so off the wall armored and weaponized!

52chevy pickup

ok so heres the placement any advice? My appologies i havent quite figured out how to submit things to threadless properly, they always come out with the colors slightly off and are squashed or streched.


Maybe a little bit larger so that you can see more detail.


ok, maybe should should put one tank on each side. i love it!


I dont think you need the words at all


the tanks look a little bit uneven, but other than that its a good design man. i like the two facing each other better too

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

i think they should be on the same plane.


great! i just think that the color of the tee could be another one besides army green.. maybe white, brown, or darker tees... dont know..
take a look at my critique too!


I love it. I like the placement on the first one though.
They should be staring at each other.
I think the tanks are good to go, just maybe work on the text. Either make more a part of the design or you could even drop all together. The point will still get across.
Good job.

Vote for my design please.
My Heart's In The Sky


I like it alot.

52chevy pickup

Ok placement options..which do you like the best? im thinkin #2 (see v1 for detail)


I think I like 3 and 4 the best. Probably 4 the most.


Cool, I'd like to see it on another background though. Maybe the light "creamy" colour that you are using on the tank? or white.

If you feel like it u can check out my latest critique here

52chevy pickup

Im feeling this placement mabye up or down a little. I can asure you ive tried it on all the shirt colors and the army green is the best.


Maybe you want to try to place it up on one shoulder? I like the graphic, its sweet, but is there a context to the my-your? See if you could rethink that a bit, but even otherwise, this is cool! :)




I don't think the text is as good as the tanks themselves, though it's pretty hard to get the concept across without it..
maybe you could try having the words 'My tank' and 'Your tank' stencilled onto the tanks somewhere like company markings or something

52chevy pickup

Ok this is what im planing on submitting, if for any reason you would not score a 5 on it tell me.


I suggest getting rid of the text and instead putting a "!" over the smaller tanks head.

52chevy pickup

thanks for pointing that out past-tense-of-draw i had it saved but i guess it didnt get in this version, I dont know if you can tell but theres a little white on the one on the shirt.
Anybody else agree with changing the text? im kinda reluctant to do that its what this whole idea was made around.

empiricist profile pic Alumni

Looking cool, submit this baby!


I saw this the other day and forgot to comment, It's a great idea and think its readyy for submission. =]


A "!" might work better but I can understand "sticking to your guns" --ha ha get guns, any way...-- about what makes it your shirt.


great design! great looking tanks. just not happy with the typeface. i like the idea of the "!" on top of the small tank.
thanks for the feedback on mine!


yeah, i'd say no text either. something about text on a shirt just makes me not like it.

52chevy pickup

Oh my goodness what is wrong with threadless? It posted my new version like 3 times.
Anyways I filled the peoples demand of an exclamation mark. It completely butchered my original idea but ehh its about what sells right? Now im wondering about the bubble around the exclamation mark keep it or lose it?


hehe that explains the 3 versoin all the same, one after another. it happened to me and ended up deleting all mine by mistake.
i think this is going great! and i don't think you've lost your original idea, just changed the way it was expressed. the title will explain it for you. i think the bubble is looking good. have you thought of putting any track marks from them driving up to each other?
thanks for your feedback on mine!


Looking GOOD! The perspective on the big tank treds are's like they're leaning to the left. Though that might be hard to fix at this point. Also I'd personally like to see one of the big guns pointing at the little tank. I like the humor in it too!


I've been having problems posting new versions also..when I would click submit it would just go to white screen and do nothing and then I'd go back and click submit again only to later find out that it had been posting EVERYTIME but with no image!

52chevy pickup

yeah threadless is full of so many double post bugs.


I like it. Maybe the small tank could be running away from the big tank. It's another option. You can prove it.


Perspective on everything is off, but that doesn't matter for this design. It adds to the charm.
I think this is perfect as is. I like that the big tank isn't threatening the little one, just being BIGGER.
The exclamation bubble is just right. I like the shading.

ben mcc-b

i like it!
my only suggestion would be to maybe have the little tank running away with tracks behind it


I think it should be placed higher up on the shirt... but that's just me. It's a good design.

jump right in...


Awesome shirt, I would buy it!


Maybe place it a bit higher, but I luv it anyways.

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