Moon Chick

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Bio-bot 9000
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I'd kill to be the man in the moon right now.


Cool illustration, but what about some hair over the devotchka's groodies?


eh. and i'm not just saying that because i'm a girl.


are we supposed to read something into the lack of nipples? like about how the moon is a beautiful yet dry and barren place that cannot sustain life, much like a naked lady with milk-free tits?

and then people say the moon is made of cheese...

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i am definately not into naked ladies. not just because im a girl. i think naked women is tacky unless it is more natural and shows appreciation for the body instead of just sex.
but i really like the moon

Skap 1er

Is that a tranny with implants? gross man hands

Winter the artist
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yeah you need to work on those hands ...and linework


this is not one of my favorites


Finally a girl with curves like mine, very nice!


the girl is ugly

Cookie Ramone

Well executed, though not a new idea.


Did she sand off her nipples?
That's what the moon chicks did back in the day...
Fix it.


after being bombarded with all your designs of naked chicks and necromancy, i have two suggestions:
1) get a shrink to help with your mommy issues
2) get laid

Oplattamus Rex

A: I prefer real naked women
B: Even the drawn ones should have nipples


I think you should draw on her nipples, THEN draw some hair to cover said nipples. I know it seems like an extra step, but I would hate to think of her without her fun buttons!

Malcolm Man




I like stylized moons but this one kind of looks like a curvy turd. Cheers.


Love the concept, but she looks kind of man-ish due to her large hands. And for so much linear detail I guess my eyes expect to see some shading.

A little tweaking and you could have me drooling.


I actually like this, but you definitely need to cover the boobies with some of her hair.


I want one. Don't cover the boobs or I won't buy one.


to much effort for lettle return

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

in space - no one can hear your nipples leave


no thanks.


totally aside from subject matter, this just isn't well done!

Larlar profile pic Alumni

tee hee


I'd like to see her hair covering up her breast so I can actually wear this to work. lol

Check out my design and give it a score!


i love naked women, but i really dislike this design. drawing a naked woman just for the sake of a naked woman is not going to score you enough to get printed, i would hope.
i would love to see you try more of a sketch look sometime. i want to see what you can do besides shut me up and get to work!!!

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