SF love

  • by othbot
  • posted Dec 26, 2008

SF inspired designs. Comes in Sand and white.

Watch this

SF inspired designs. Comes in Sand and white.


LOVE the picture. not sure how i feel about the text above it.

dbrv11 profile pic Alumni

The picture is gorgeous, but I agree, the text looks a little out of place.


'Frisco. That's a fun word to say!'

David Messer

Beautiful drawing but lose the text. 4.


Looks like somebody just had a very nice vacation in San Francisco.
Too bad I didn't.
'Frisco should have an apostrophe in front of it, by the way.

Arrow08 profile pic Alumni

diggin the style too!

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

Nice style, but i don't think it works as a shirt. i think this would be better on a post card, or perhaps a children's book.

ally song

i really like your style, but i wish it covered the whole shirt instead of just a block of it.


agree with bio-bot. this design is really nice but not on a shirt


i would like it without the text!


damn i don't think resubmits w/o text are allowed.


you'd surely get your ass kicked if you wore this in San Francisco.


i dont like the boxiness of it


I like the paint/drawing style, but I would either incorporate the text into the design itself or lose it altogether. I would also free the design from the box and have an undefined shape or rather a shape defined by the edges of the images.


love the style.... but don't limit it to a square... spread it through the whole tee


I like this a lot. It reminds me of Quentin Blake, the illustrator of all the Roald Dahl books.


haha funny sunshine- believe me- nobody gives a * what you wear in sf-


I was confused about this one because Frisco is a city in Texas, I didn't realize it was supposed to be San Fransisco. It reminds me of Quentin Blake also.


Just to let you know. no one in california, especially people from San Francisco would ever be caught saying the word "frisco".the word makes me cringe and immediately tells anyone local that you probably reside nowhere near a coast. im super serial.


whats with all the "frisco" name bashing? only supportive comments please. just to let you know i live in downtown "frisco" not the pretty part either and i am a local and i could careless what people call it.

but fyi pretentiousness and snobbery is definitely looked down upon here.


whatever, I still like the idea, design, and illustration regardless what people think. Keep up the good work.

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