Rock Star (Wars)

2 great passions of Gen X and Y all rolled into one!

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bee DUB 75

2 great passions of Gen X and Y all rolled into one!


good luck.. it's a little unclear. i would buy this shirt AND wear it if it was across the upper back (that's me, though). i just wonder if people will be able to see that the guy is sitting on the guitar at first glance. fyi... clarity - something to consider in the future. excellent artwork.


Needs to be placed higher or lower, at the moment its just floating there in the centre, but really cool design, I'd buy it if it was placed better.


Not a lot of people will get this without the title. You need something more than just a guitar to represent a rock star.

zackOlantern profile pic Alumni

I think it's awesome, just place it a little higher, maybe a little smaller. Maybe you could add some music notes and warp them to make them look like trees or something, that way he'll look like he's traveling at the speed of sound (pun intended) :)


that is pretty cool. :D


I love this. Should be placed a little higher on the shirt, and probably some copyright issues, but this is a shirt I would love to have. If I were a high schooler, I would probably wear this 3 of 5 week days.

I'd like it even more if the shirt was a forest green or military green background, which would recall the forest they were cruising around in in the movie.

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Should have put some blasters on the front shooting out musical lasers or putting on a laser show, and perhaps some background of tree guitar picks or something.

cameron kim jones

I like it. You might not get it done because of legal issues. George Lucas isn't a big fan of his stuff being reproduced without his consent.

The pro's and con's of using something like StarWars. Usually you're design has an instant appeal, especially when seen by people who like it. But at the end of the day there is an element there that you did not create which people will criticise you for.


star wars


Needs to be a lot clearer... If I didn't read the title i wouldn't know what to look for...

bee DUB 75

I wasn't trying to be clever with the title. All it is is an image of a biker scout riding a guitar. I thought the idea could look good. Purely visual with no joke or pun intended. The title came after - basically because I had to give it one.


I'll give this one a 3. I'm concerned though with copyright issues.

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