Jack of Hearts

Watch this

i really like the detailing behind him, i think that should've been brought out more, somehow.
otherwise i love it !


@ DarkChocolat: the sketch is based on a photo of the model mathias lauridsen, so you could say he is

and thanks !!


a young Heath Ledger? may he rest in peace.


doesnt really look like Heath Ledger to me...


alice beat me to it... i recognized mathias too. good job.


Oh, I can see the Heath Ledger thing... It kinda' does! I just don't see a correlation from the card to this illustration, though it is nice.


Epic. If it's made into a shirt - and lets hope it is - I'm buying it and living in it. I have a thing for Mathias Lauridsen, and when I saw it was him I had a mini heart attack. I can safely say you made my week.


This is awesome! Beautiful Sketch


I like this as far as the drawing goes but i am far from digging the box part.


This is good. But what if the hearts had a crack in them.
This will show that this guy is a Heart Breaker!!

Spades anyone?

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