Some Arguments have to be solved with FIST

No one knows what started this war but there may not be a peaceful way to end it.

Watch this

No one knows what started this war but there may not be a peaceful way to end it.


haha i love what you did with the rock. very cute(;

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

lol @ international politics subtly represented as hand games.

nice job!

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

the dimensions of objects here hurts my brain:
-the paper compared to the table, the paper seems cut diagonally??
-the table lets being really weird and not matching up
-the legs of the chair the rock is sitting on, one in the distance and three on the same horizontal field? surely that would topple over.

could use a helluva lot more refinement.

HorsefaceDee profile pic Alumni

the line weighst are too similar and too thin....a very flat drawing

mat redvers

ha ha! fantastically cruddy

Edamame Obake

funny, but it could be more subtle

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

lol@me having a slogan like this and developing a collab with this concept.

Way different tho.

That is all.


It's a fantastic concept and very well placed, but the figures are too rigidly posed, eye-wise. Needs work but has potential to be really good.


Love it all, but one thing...try fixing the rock a little bit..

Pure Gonzo

Looks like Towlie should be there asking them if they want a a puff. needs work


make the rock look more like a rock
but other than that good idea

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